Friends reunited to host art exhibition in Lancaster

A new art space in Lancaster is to host an innovative exhibition by two of its resident artists.
Lancaster artists Debbie Yare, left, and Laura van TatenhoveLancaster artists Debbie Yare, left, and Laura van Tatenhove
Lancaster artists Debbie Yare, left, and Laura van Tatenhove

Entitled ‘Preoccupations’, the exhibition will showcase drawing, painting, sculpture and film by Lancaster artists Laura van Tatenhove and Debbie Yare.

King Street Studios has made its name as a vibrant and contemporary art space in Lancaster’s city centre since opening in August 2017.

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Over the past year, directors Roy Smith and Kath McDonald have curated a programme of talks, workshops, performances and exhibitions of work by local, national and international artists.

For their latest exhibition Roy and Kath have focused closer to home and invited Laura and Debbie, both of whom rent space at King Street, to present their art works.

Laura and Debbie first met in 2005 but lost contact until last year when they both rented space at King Street Studios and they have been making art alongside one another since.

Debbie said: “I’d been working on my own from home for some time and was feeling quite isolated. At King Street Studios, however, I really feel part of an art community.

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“It’s been such a positive experience and this exhibition, as well as the workshops I’ve run, have really helped focus and expand my practice. As a result, the work that I’ve made for this show is my most ambitious to date.”

Laura added: “The title of the exhibition, Preoccupations, reflects the focussed, almost obsessive approach we have both had towards our respective subject matter since we moved into the studio.

“Debbie and I are very excited at this opportunity to exhibit together and feel that our work makes for a really interesting and thought-provoking show.

"One of the things I think will be great about this exhibition is how it will present the viewer with, amongst other things, two very different conceptions of space. Whilst Debbie has her eyes cast out across the landscape my gaze is, for the most part, turned inwards. My painted studies of the work of Jacopo Tintoretto, sculptures of human body parts and small film work are about a very detailed and tightly compressed space. Debbie’s work is expansive whereas mine contracts. I find the contrast really fascinating.”

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Preoccupations runs from September 13-30 at King Street Studios, 5A King Street, Lancaster LA1 1JN

Opening hours are Thursday to Saturday 11am-5.30pm, Sunday 11am-5pm (or by appointment) and admission is free.

On Saturday, September 15 from 2pm-6pm there will be a preview of the show and the opportunity to meet the artists.

In addition, on Monday, September 17 Laura will give an artist talk 6.45pm-8pm, followed by Debbie on Monday, September 24 at the same time. The ticket price for these events is £3

Please contact: [email protected] or 07743238663 for further information.

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