Indiana Jones and Batman take on Chorley’s baddies

Films and Figures: Batman
Films and Figures: Batman
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Chorley shop Films and Figures is having a Movie Icons Day on Saturday, July 26. Rachel Hurst talks to Kevin Yates, the owner of the Clarence Street shop, about how you could win a 2ft tall Stay Puft...

If you find yourself wandering around Chorley later this month and spy some rather unsual characters, worry not, your eyes are not deceiveing you.

Instead of Hollywood Boulevard, Boba Fett, Indiana Jones, Judge Dread and Batman, will make an appearance on Clarence Street, as part of a charity Movie Icons day at the town’s Films and Figures shop.

Owner Kevin Yates, opened the collectables store six months ago after his online business took off.

He says, “We launched the online store about three years ago and it just kept growing and growing.

“One Christmas we couldn’t move in our house because of the amount of boxes we had coming in and being sent out so the next logical step was to branch out.”

He continues: “I’ve always been interested in films so I decided to make a business out of it.

“I started off with just selling DVDs online but then ended up with action figures, collectibles, comics and the like.

“Now we have allsorts – Marvel and DC comic figures, TV merchandise from shows like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

“We’ve even branched out into the computer game area with merchandise from various games.”

Often seen as more of a niche market, the comic book genre seems to be moving more mainstream with Comic Con events springing up more and more.

Kevin says: “Films have made it cool again to like this type of genre.

“We’re hoping to hold more and more events.”

Kevin, who lives in Chorley, decided to hold the charity family fun event following the success of a previous in-store event.

“We held a ‘Meet The Stormtrooper Day’ and it was packed.

“There were so many guests in store coming down to have their pictures taken with the Stormtrooper that we thought it would be a really good idea to hold and event and raise some money for charity.”

The Movie Icons Day on July 26 will raise money for Cancer Research and film, TV and superhero afficionados can bag themselves a bargin as well as enter the raffle to win a two-f00t tall Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, as seen in the Ghostbuster franchise.

Kevin says: “The shop is a first for Chorley.

“There isn’t anything else like us around here and we get people coming from all over to buy merchandise.

“It’s like a community here.

“Everyone knows each other and you can come in and spend an hour or so, easily, having a coffee, chatting and browsing.”

Between 11am and 3pm on July 26, fans of the movie stars can have photographs taken, donate to the Cancer Research buckets and buy raffle tickets, as well as gain 10 per cent off stock.