Filmmaking youngsters put the focus on fire safety

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Budding young filmmakers from Preston have been using their skills to help spread a vital message to their peers.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has been working with 16-25 year olds on The Prince’s Trust team programme in the city to help young people develop their confidence, self esteem and team work skills over 12 weeks.

Prince's Trust volunteers at the launch of a video about fire safety at Preston Fire Station

Prince's Trust volunteers at the launch of a video about fire safety at Preston Fire Station

Team leader Helen Stanley said: “They spent a day at Asda Fulwood bag packing and raised £540 towards funding the project and hope to be able to attract further funding to increase the possibility of distributing the film.”

Helen said the youngsters wrote, acted in and made the video themselves.

It has already been shown in several schools across the city and has attracted interest from Fire Services across the country.

Helen added: “This is an exciting and potentially groundbreaking effort by the young people who hope to leave a lasting legacy and to be able to have a positive influence on other young people.”

She said: “The team hopes to be able to demonstrate to other young people that a split second decision can have a devastating impact on the individual and the wider community.

“Many of the young people on the team have had similar experiences to the character in their film.

“They have worked tirelessly and with lots of emotion to plan, storyboard, write a script and produce this film in little over a week.”

The team presented the film at a glittering launch before an invited audience of local dignitaries.

Helen said: “They have worked very, very hard and I am really proud of them.

“The video has had well over 1,000 hits and has generated a lot of interest. It is very well deserved.”

The film focuses on Josh who has a difficult home life and neglectful parent. He is bullied at school and falls into a gang. He makes a malicious call to the fire service which results in delayed response to a genuine house fire across town.

This results in a fatality. Josh is arrested after CCTV footage IDs him and subsequently charged and prosecuted.

The story ends with his release from custody and him joining The Prince’s Trust to try and get his life back on track.