Disney releases trailer for Frozen sequel

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Disney has released a trailer for Frozen II offering a glimpse at the eagerly-anticipated sequel which is due in November.

The first film in 2013 was a box-office success and worldwide musical phenomenon, with the tale of young princesses rapidly acquiring a huge fanbase.

A brief trailer has now been released hinting at a dramatic follow-up to the first Frozen adventure, and marking the return of characters which became hits with children.

The trailer shows Elsa battling through the waves of stormy seas, in a sequence free of any dialogue. Iceman Kristoff is shown charging intently in a herd of reindeer atop his accomplice Sven.

Anna is seen struggling through mountains in the two-minute trailer, and the comic snowman Olaf is shown being defended as the group of main characters appear to discover a landscape locked in autumn.

Dramatic Sami-influenced music plays throughout the trailer, which appear to hint at a film which may be darker in tone that the first instalment.

Disney UK has posted the trailer on Twitter, commenting: "This November, get ready for #Frozen2."

Josh Gad, who provides the voice for Olaf, posted the trailer on his Instagram account with a message reading: "Surprise!"