Comic Con company to liquidate over funds shortage

Blackpool Comic Con organisers Luke Williams and Patrick O'Hare
Blackpool Comic Con organisers Luke Williams and Patrick O'Hare
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The company behind Blackpool Comic Con is set to go into liquidation.

The event last month, which sold out in advance, was widely criticised by some for a perceived lack of organisation and long queues.

Stars from major TV and movie franchises, including Blackpool’s own Doctor Who actress Jenna Coleman, Mini Me Verne Troyer, Game Of Thrones’ Richard Madden and wrestling favourite Mick Foley, were among those in attendance to meet and greet fans on the day.

Now, more than a month later, a professional services consultancy in Manchester is working with directors of The Comic Con Company, Luke Williams and Patrick O’Hare, as they seek to place the firm into ‘creditors’ voluntary liquidation’.

A statement from Begbies Traynor states the organisers of Blackpool Comic Con, which took place at the Winter Gardens on Saturday, September 12, have ‘identified a shortfall in the funds available to meet the liabilities’.

It adds that after the event, Mr Williams and Mr O’Hare ‘undertook a review of the financial position of the company and although it is anticipated that funds are due to the company from advanced sales via Ticketmaster and PayPal, there would not be sufficient funds to pay all debts in full’.

Partner at Begbies Traynor Jason Greenhalgh said: “It is unfortunate that the event did not meet the expectations of everyone who attended, however the directors believe the event was attended by a great many people who did have a positive experience.”

A statement from Mr Williams and Mr O’Hare said: “It’s heartbreaking that after almost a year of hard work that the company has had to go into liquidation.

“The amount of hours, sleepless nights, and stress involved in getting this event off the ground is hard to measure.

“The aim from the beginning, as fans of these events, was to bring something new to Blackpool’s tourist trade, and put on the best independent comic con possible.

“Development of the company into other events such as Brighton Comic Con was also contracted and in development.

“Our sincere apologies to those people that were disappointed due to some of the last minute schedule changes on the day, guest cancellations and missed opportunities”

A meeting of creditors will be held on Thursday November 3 at the office of Begbies Traynor, Manchester, when it is anticipated the firm will be formally appointed as liquidators.

Anyone who believes they are owed money by The Comic Con Co Ltd must lodge their ‘proxies’ and a ‘statement of their claim’ with Begbies Traynor by noon on Monday. Call Rachael Taylor on (0161) 837 1700 for details.