Beyonce to sing Amy Winehouse track for Great Gatsby

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Round-up of the latest celebrity gossip

BEYONCE is to sing AMY WINEHOUSE’s hit Back To Black for the Great Gatsby soundtrack.

The Single Ladies songstress has teamed up with OutKast’s ANDRE 3000 for the duet, which would be featured on the soundtrack of BAZ LUHRMANN’s period picture, reported E! News.

“It’s a very different take on Back To Black,” said a spokesperson for record company Interscope Records.

The Great Gatsby will be released in cinemas on May 17, after its world premiere at the opening night film of the Cannes Film Festival on May 15.

GERI HALLIWELL has revealed she was scared to join Twitter in case she was judged for her tweets.

The former Spice Girl was reluctant to sign up to the micro-blogging site because she feared a backlash from followers, reported The Sun.

Look At Me singer Geri, 40, wrote: “I felt resistant to things outside of my comfort zone like social media, I was the last Spice to join Twitter.

“I felt overwhelmed, fearful, I didn’t want to participate, I wanted to protect myself from judgment, but in doing so I was missing out on a lot of fun.

“Twitter is my new playground, it’s so liberating to be silly, foolish, to not care if I look like a silly cow.”

CHRISTINA HENDRICKS has said the way for a man to impress her is to wear a suit.

The Mad Men star has been won over by the hit series’ wardrobe choices and according to The Sun said she likes a man in formal wear.

Christina, married to actor GEOFFREY AREND, said: “They all looked so sharp. I think it is the idea that men didn’t kick and fight when they had to put on a suit.

“I like my husband in a suit. My husband wears suits all the time. He loves them and feels comfortable in them. I think a man dressed up looks nice.

“I love men in hats. Don Draper has his nice wide-brim Fedora.”

The actress plays secretary Joan Harris in the 1960s-themed drama.

SARAH HARDING has admitted Girls Aloud had clashes of opinion on their reunion tour and she was looking forward to having “more control” as she pursues her solo music career.

The 31-year-old singer told Look magazine she would rather “cut and run” from the girlband after their successful Ten tour than keep making music as a band and “end on a bad note”.

Sarah said: “We were more grown up and more opinionated, and when there were discussions to do with work we’d all be sort of strategic.

“Me and NADINE (COYLE) are more music orientated - more vocals - and the other three are more about dancing. I’d put my foot down about the music side of things. NICOLA (ROBERTS) was more about the clothes. Choreography is CHERYL (COLE)’s forte.

“When there’s five of you, it’s difficult to have a say in everything. I’m looking forward to having more control.”

Hollyoaks actor JAMES SUTTON has said being famous is the worst part of his job.

Despite being a familiar face to many as the show’s John Paul McQueen and doing a two-year stint in Emmerdale as Ryan Lamb, he said he’s not a celebrity.

When asked if he liked fame, James, 30, said: “That’s the worst side of it for me. I’m not a celebrity or anything, I’m just an actor and it just so happens my job is on TV.

“If people come up and say nice things about the show, that’s really lovely, but I’m not really in it for recognition or attention or anything.”

STEPHEN MULHERN has revealed Mr Chips has been given a rock star reception for his comeback in hit quiz show Catchphrase.

The Britain’s Got More Talent presenter is hosting a revival of the family favourite, originally hosted by ROY WALKER, famous for his “say what you see” catchphrase.

Stephen revealed to The Sun that show bosses considered ditching Mr Chips, the little yellow character who acts out the catchphrases, but thankfully they changed their minds.

He told the newspaper: “They didn’t know whether they were going to bring Mr Chips back. But it would be nuts not to.

“The cheer he gets when he comes on screen - it’s like you’re at a rock concert. So he’s alive and well. They’re even doing an ad where Mr Chips is in 3D walking down the street.”