House fans are older, but can still have fun

Graeme Park with Hacienda Classical
Graeme Park with Hacienda Classical
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One of the godfathers of House, legendary DJ Graeme Park, has lost none of the enthusiasm for the “electronic disco” that he championed in the 80s.

Best known for his nine year residency at the equally legendary club, The Hacienda, in Manchester, he has teamed up with Hac veterans Mike Pickering and Peter Hook, to bring the venue’s set list to a new audience.

The great thing about an outdoor venue is the atmosphere... You can’t beat it

With help from the Manchester Camerata orchestra they are bringing that cutting edge of cool ambience to Lytham Green for the Hacienda Classical show on Thursday, August 3

Graeme said: “I am really excited about this show.

“The Fylde coast has a real heritage when it comes to House music. I have played so many DJ sets there and when I was at the Hacienda we used to get people coming from Blackpool in droves.

“I have played many times at the Syndicate in Blackpool in its heyday and last year I was in Lytham doing a set, so I know the area well and have a strong connection.

“Nowadays everyone is a bit more grown up so they don’t go clubbing every night, but they still know about having a good time and this concert is designed along those lines.”

He added: “The great thing about an outdoor venue like Lytham’s is the atmosphere. When we come on stage it is still light, but dark when the show ends. You can’t beat it – it is fantastic.”