Ballet for babies

Northern Ballet's Ugly Duckling
Northern Ballet's Ugly Duckling
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Based on the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, Northern Ballet bring their original children’s ballet the Ugly Ducking to Blackpool this week.

The 40-minute special production aims to open up ballet to a new generation of theatregoers, and will be staged at the Grand Theatre on Wednesday afternoon.

Ugly Duckling was the first of the Leeds-based company’s award-winning series of children’s ballets, which includes the Three Little Pigs, Elves And The Shoemaker, Tortoise And The Hare and Goldilocks And The Three Bears, all of which have been adapted for TV by CBeebies.

Daniel de Andrade, Northern Ballet’s artistic director of short ballets for small people, said: “Our children’s ballets are created with the needs of our audience in mind and as such are short, captivating and uplifting, creating a truly magical live dance experience for the whole family.

“As the very first of our short ballet collection, we are excited Ugly Duckling is now returning to enchant even more children and their families.”

Ugly Duckling tells the story of a lonely duckling, ignored by those around her who think she is too ugly to fit in.

This child friendly ballet follows her journey as she comes to learn that she was beautiful all along.

It has been created especially for children and their families to experience live dance, music and theatre together.