Welsh group says, “Croeso i bawb”

Photo Neil Cross''New Welsh club meeting at The Harris Museum in Preston.
Photo Neil Cross''New Welsh club meeting at The Harris Museum in Preston.
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That’s the motto of a new Welsh club hoping to gain more members at its monthly meetings; “Welcome to All.”

Mary Roberts, of Shelley Road, Ashton, who lived in Flint, North Wales, for 40 years, moved to Preston to be nearer her youngest daughter.

She said: “I moved to Wales from Berkshire because my husband and his family were from there, so I went to evening classes to learn more about Welsh history and the language.”

When her husband died and her children all moved away to work, Mary moved herself to the city last year and was surprised to find that there were few people with Welsh links to talk to.

Mary said: “There are quite a few people in Preston who have links to Wales either themselves or through their grandparents or parents but I couldn’t find anywhere for us to meet so I decided to get us all together.

The club, who’s oldest member, Geraint Lewis is 90 years-old, is open to everyone - not just those with Welsh links.

Mary said: “People are now coming to us to learn Welsh.

“It is quite hard to learn but we like to teach a few words and speak to one another to try and help each other along.

“There are dialects and accents, much like in the English language.

“Somebody from Newcastle will speak differently to somebody from Somerset but at the end of the day, we can all understand one another.”

The group meet at the Harris Library on the first Thursday of every month at 10.30am until 12pm.

For those who are unable to attend at that time, there is hopes to have a Welsh film night in the future.

For more information call 01772 739344 or visit www.welshclubpreston.org