Confusion over delays to fundraising Twerk-a-thon

The Twerk-a-thon was a fundraiser for Preston's Caribbean Carnival
The Twerk-a-thon was a fundraiser for Preston's Caribbean Carnival
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A question mark hangs over a fundraising event planned to take place this weekend to promote Caribbean culture in Preston.

At the last minute, organisers have put the brakes on the Twerk-a-thon set to take place on Preston Flag Market today.

Rumours the event has been scrapped after a complaint letter to the council – which dubbed the event a “peepshow for perverts” – have not been confirmed but a council spokesman insisted it would be going ahead at a later date.

She said: “They want the event to be bigger and better so it gives them more chance to prepare.”

In a letter to Preston City Council, Dionne Thomas said: “Upon seeing an advert for this event, I am both disgraced and ashamed to be part of a Preston Black community which openly encourages the sexualisation of young women in a public arena.

“The organisation (Preston Caribbean Carnival) I assumed exists to positively represent and celebrate Caribbean culture and all it has to offer. However this ‘Twerk-A-Thon’ is offensive and demeans both Caribbean culture and women in general by presenting an event which is nothing more than a peep show for perverts.”

Mrs Thomas added: “As this event is aimed at raising funds for the Caribbean Carnival, in essence, it is asking the young black women of Preston to shake their rear ends for money.

“I am at a loss to see how this is cultural in any sense, and furthermore I am appalled at a city council that could allow this to happen.

“This is not how I want my culture represented or the model I choose to portray for young women, including my own six-year-old daughter. Black people, Caribbean culture and women are of value and this event demeans and disgraces them all.”

It is understand the event will take place at the end of May.