Top apps for introducing your kids to music

Want to introduce your child to music? There's an app for that.

Apps for kids to explore the world of music
Apps for kids to explore the world of music

All children have a natural affinity for music, and whether they enjoy singing along to Swifty or the Biebster in the bath, or making their own racket, there’s heaps of evidence suggesting musical learning is beneficial.

Indeed, a 2016 study at the University of Southern California’s Brain and Creativity Institute found that musical experiences in childhood can accelerate brain development.

Here are some cool apps for kids to explore the world of music.

Sesame Street Makes Music

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    Designed for iPhone and iPad, kids can join the Sesame Street band and rock out with their favourite characters to classic songs.

    Get transported to a tropical island, where your child can play the vibraphone in a reggae version of If You’re Happy And You Know It, or to a family farm for a jug band rendition of Old McDonald.

    This app encourages musicality and creativity by introducing kids to different instruments and musical genres, while playing along to classic pre-school tunes.

    Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra

    Available for iOS,this is a fun and creative way to introduce young people to the joys of the orchestra and the thrill of music-making.

    The games and quizzes are an engaging way of becoming familiar with the music while learning about the instruments, musical terms and composition.

    Crayola DJ

    Superstar DJs, here we go! If your kid fancies themselves as the next David Guetta or Tiesto, this app (available for both Android and iOS) is just the ticket as it allows them to mix dance, hip-hop and pop tracks together.

    Perfect for a birthday party set.

    iHeartRadio Family

    Designed for both iPhone and iPad, this app features tunes from today’s most popular acts, plus music from characters on hit shows on Nickelodeon, Disney and more.

    They can listen to hits from the likes of Selena Gomez and One Direction and tune into stations featuring TV favourites like Dora The Explorer.

    Perfect for long car journeys.