Skullduggery for new music video filmed in Preston

Landmarks around Preston have been featured in a new comedy horror-themed music video.

Tuesday, 19th July 2016, 9:52 am
Updated Tuesday, 19th July 2016, 11:54 am
Photo Neil Cross Maria Letizia featured in a new comedy horror themed music video filmed in Preston

Actors and locations from across the city appear in the video, for a song by The Amber Tree called Politics of Fear.

The gory short films includes scene shots in Avenham and Miller Parks, at the docks and on parts of the Guild Wheel.

Tony Smith, who plays one of the two leads in the video, said: “We spent a day filming outdoor scenes in Preston, and the remainder was shot in Greater Manchester.

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Tony Smith and Maria Letizia (both from Preston) on The Guild Wheel in a scene from the music video by the Amber Tree

“Preston is a such a patchwork of iconic places that it meant we could get a lot of variety, very quickly.

“The filming involved us wearing scary, skull masks all day, so we got a lot of funny looks from cyclists on the Guild Wheel and families in the park!”

Fellow lead Maria Letizia Canale, 30, said the film was her first experience of being an actor.

She said: “I really liked the idea, and it gave me the chance to take part in a video.

Tony Smith and Maria Letizia (both from Preston) on The Guild Wheel in a scene from the music video by the Amber Tree

“I’m really shy and I felt like I could wear a mask and it was the perfect match with me.

“It was really really enjoyable.

“While we were filming, we’ve been around Preston, on the docks, Avenham Park, it was a really good experience.”

Maria said she hoped the video would be successful, and she hoped The Amber Tree would become known across the county.

Musicians behind the music video said the short film was “somewhere between an episode of blind date and a scratchy 1980s video nasty”, and featured actors who are from Preston, or who have previously lived in the city.

They warn that it includes imagery that some people may find disturbing.

The video has been made to resemble a homemade, worn VHS camcorder recording, for Politics of Fear by The Amber Tree.

The track appears on a new EP by the act, based in Greater Manchester, called Dance of the Dead.

It was recorded during the winter, and focuses on the concept of scaremongering.

Writers said it was partially influenced by classic horror soundtracks, and so the video needed to be a “horror pastiche”.