The show must go on. Tower Circus switches on the entertainment factor for 2020

Blackpool Tower Circus show for 2020 can be summed up in three 's's spectacular, sensational and socially-distanced.

Tuesday, 1st September 2020, 3:45 pm
Mooky and Mr Boo at Tower Circus

The excitement for the show's return in 2020 pulses through the ring as Mr Boo, resident clown and part of the Endresz family, who have directed the show at the historic and iconic venue for the last 28 years, welcomes the crowds.

Rows between guests vacant, a one-way system and mandatory face coverings have not deterred a lively audience, who are just as eager to participate in events as the show's world-class talent.

Brother Mooky,who this year has had more rehearsal time than ever to write and create material for the 2020 offering, announces: 'You're only ever as good as your last audience - if you've not enjoyed this, it's your fault...'

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Water finale at Tower Circus

There can't be an audience in Britain not crying out to be entertained.

The enjoyment factor was whacked up to high, any worries of visitors left at the entrance, as act after act the cheers erupt around the space, which lets not forget seems a lot bigger with fewer people. Not that you could tell from the sound levels.

The cast, as Mr Boo had earlier told me, had been in isolation together since February. Circus is very much family and it is evident. The performers having needed each other these last few months. Question marks left hanging as to whether the show could go on at all this year.

The additional training time of these athletes has been put to good use. Without giving too much away, audiences are treated to a death defying trapeze, a thrilling tight rope segment.

Mooky and Mr Boo at Tower Circus

A juggling act that defies gravity and daring acrobatics. For some stunts, never mind face masks, people watch with hands in front of their eyes. After all these years, the Tower Circus still continues to push the boundaries and add more value.

A few minutes later and the little ones have tears in their eyes, laughing at the antics of Mooky and Mr Boo.

That's when they're not bouncing around in their seats to some fabulous show tunes, courtesy of the familiar Tower Circus Band, albeit not from their usual spot but strategically placed behind stage in accordance with government guidance.

The near two-hour performance is an escape from the daily routine, and provides quality family time and entertainment, in a year where it has been desperately needed.

Tower Circus

Circus is designed to put smiles on faces and the Tower team provide bucketfuls of laughter.

There is also a tone to the new show, which is fitting for a year, which will certainly go down in history. The Tower Circus in its tribute to the resort and everyday people wants to play a part in a story of positivity. It's uplifting and joyful.

"It's what we were born to do, Circus is our life, it's in our blood, nine generations on my mother's side and seven on my father's," says Mr Boo.

There's certainly no doubt about that.

The circus will be performing Monday to Thursday and Saturday to Sunday.

For show times and more details on how to book, visit: