Lovely Eggs track becomes a mantra in Calais refugee camp

A song by Lancaster's The Lovely Eggs has become a 'mantra' at the Calais refugee camp in France.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 15th February 2016, 3:09 pm
Updated Monday, 15th February 2016, 3:15 pm
David and Holly are The Lovely Eggs.
David and Holly are The Lovely Eggs.

Boomer Callaghan saw the duo perform at Festival Number 6 in Portmeirion last year before spending five months volunteering at the camp.

On his return to Chorlton, Manchester, he wrote to Lovely Eggs Holly and David to tell them how his rendition of their song ‘F**k It’ from their 2011 album Cob Dominos, had caught on with the people living and volunteering there.

He said: “F**k it became very important to the volunteers and the camp occupants.

“I sang it many times, the memory of twelve Sudanese guys singing the refrain will stay with me forever.

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    “People used to shout it at me as I made my way through the camp.

    “More importantly it became a mantra.

    “Whenever a job looked too hard, whenever we had no fuel left in the tank, whenever impossibility stared us in the face someone would always say ‘f**k it oh yeah’ and we’d get the bloody job done.

    “I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, and let you know that you have hundreds of new fans from the finest cross-section of humanity.”

    Holly from The Lovely Eggs said: “It came out of the blue, but it was a lovely thing to receive so we shared it.

    “It’s so lovely to know that we have that much of an effect on people.”

    Holly said the song represented a “way of life” for her and husband David.

    “Life can get quite stressful,” she said.

    “I tend to think about big concepts like the end of the universe, and sometimes you’ve got to just say ‘f**k it’ and move on.

    “It’s a great way of dealing with life and I think it’s caught on. It’s kind of punk-buddhism, and is more than just swearing, it’s about abandonment.”

    The band have a 12 date national tour scheduled for April and a new album brewing in Lancaster.

    Watch the video here (warning contains strong language):