Gaming review: R.A.T. m Wireless Gaming Mouse

The R.A.T. m wireless Gaming Mouse is the latest offering from Mad Catz and is the mobile gaming version of the M.O.U.S. 9 Wireless Mouse we featured a while back.

Sunday, 15th December 2013, 6:30 am
R.A.T. m Wireless Gaming Mouse

It is actually slightly smaller than the M.O.U.S. 9 and has less features, design wise it has the innovative R.A.T. style that we have become used too and looks good.

The R.A.T. m doesn`t have the horizontal scrolling wheel or the multi-function scroll wheel that featured on the M.O.U.S. 9 and it is lighter.

Comparisons aside this is a good mouse for gaming with a 6400 dpi sensor with two custom settings (800 and 2400 dpi) accessible via the dpi button, there’s an extendable palm wrest, six traditional buttons and a four direction thumb rocker, giving you ten programmable buttons.

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There is a thing called a 5D button on the side which is a multi-function programmable button with a four directional function and when pressed in is ideal for that perfect head shot, the only problem I found with this function was because of the size of the mouse I kept hitting the other two buttons above it by mistake which would be impossible to use for someone with bigger hands.

As with all the R.A.T. mice you can pre-program the buttons and adjust the settings via the free downloadable software which I highly recommend.

So what’s it like to use? Actually not bad at all really, I used this for a number of games and it performed OK perhaps not as good as its wired bigger brother but for a portable device it’s pretty spot on, I wouldn`t recommend this to anyone with big hands though as the size is just a tad too small.

Connection is via Bluetooth and will connect to any tablet/PC/laptop running windows 8 and Bluetooth 4.0 which is a big selling point with this mouse, If you want to connect to any other device that doesn`t have these its best to use the USB Nano dongle that can be found underneath the mouse, and to be honest it performs much better when you use the dongle.

Power is via two AAA batteries that apparently can last for a year but it is advisable to set the power options because it’s easy to forget about the on/off switch located on the bottom.

The R.A.T. m works well as a gaming mouse and is very responsive and fast and is reasonably accurate with other applications like photoshop and word.

The R.A.T. m comes in four different colours, red, white, black and matt black, also included is a carry pouch for travelling.


The R.A.T. m Wireless Gaming Mouse is a neat little device and very portable, functionality is pretty good; the only bad points are, it’s perhaps a bit too small for people with bigger hands and the price is a little high for what you get.

That aside the R.A.T. m Wireless Gaming Mouse does everything you would expect of it and is ideal for travelling.

R.A.T. m Wireless Gaming Mouse

Manufacturer: Mad catz

Price: £115.00


DPI range - 25-6400dpi (in 25dpi steps)

Acceleration - 50G

Polling Rate - 120Hz

Tracking Speed - Up to 6 m/sec

Programmable Buttons - 10 (With 5D button)

Connectivity - USB Nano Dongle

Wireless Range - Up to 33ft / 10m

Power - 2X AAA Battery (included)

Compatible with Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices

Usability: 5/5

Comfort: 4/5

Value for money: 3/5

Overall: 4/5