Gaming gadget review: Backbeat GO 2 wireless ear buds

I love walking around with my MP3 player on, always have done since the early days of sony walkmans, personally though I don`t buy into wearing a massive brightly coloured headset, for me it’s the more subtle in ear phones that blow my skirt up, so when Plantronics sent me out a set of the new Backbeat GO 2 wireless ear buds I couldn`t wait to give them a go.

Thursday, 5th December 2013, 7:00 am
Backbeat GO 2 wireless ear buds

First impressions are they are bigger than your average buds which isn`t a negative thing, they are connected by a short cable with a nice neat in line controller.

The Backbeat GO 2 wireless ear buds are Bluetooth powered so no need for pesky cables and they can link up to 8 devices and to be honest they work flawlessly, I tried them with an Android phone, iPhone and a windows phone with no problems at all, a thing to remember though is when you’re not using them make sure they are disconnected from your device otherwise when the phone rings you won`t hear anything.

The buds themselves are water resistant thanks to a thing called P2i Moisture protection which means you can sweat on them or wear them in the rain and they seem pretty durable.

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Now these being wireless ear buds you obviously have to charge them up, battery life is Ok around 4 hours and they can be charged via a USB or with the portable charging case which is a great idea, the case has a built in battery that can hold two charges, which adds another 8 hours to the device, ideal if you don`t have a usb or power supply handy.

I love the reassuring voice that lets you know that the device is powered, connected or low battery.

Right so that’s the features out the way, what do they perform like ?, well pretty spot on to be exact the sound is rich and the bass is perfect, the in-line controller works well with a track skip, volume, answer and pause control that works brilliantly and can be operated with gloves on thanks to the slightly raised buttons.

Making calls is good the microphone works well and can be heard clearly, voice activation worked fine on all devices.

The Backbeat GO 2 connected to my Android tablet no problem and the sound was a good as ever especially during gameplay and the mic worked well with Skype so no complaints there.

I have been walking around with these all week and apart from the superb sound external noise is not much of an issue, OK they aren`t noise cancelling but for this price they are the best I have tried.


The Backbeat GO 2 wireless ear buds are by far the best in ear head phones I have tested, the sound is incredible, comfortable, user friendly and with the addition of the rechargeable case pretty spot on, build quality is excellent, as is the connectivity.

This headset is very impressive for the price and performs better than some that are twice the price.

Backbeat GO 2 wireless ear buds

Manufacturer: Plantronics


In-line controls

Bluetooth technology

P2i Nano water proof coating

6mm Speaker Drivers

8 Device Memory

Price: £79.95

Usability: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Value For money: 5/5

Overall: 5/5