Game gadget review: Tritton Kunai Mobile Headset

The thing these days with headsets is they are not just functional but a fashion statement as well, I have seen numerous people walking around with huge brightly coloured headsets and most seem to match their outfits, so do we buy a headset for it aesthetics or its technical quality?

By The Newsroom
Monday, 2nd December 2013, 8:51 am
Tritton Kunai Mobile Headset
Tritton Kunai Mobile Headset

The new Tritton Kunai Mobile Headset from Mad Catz is attempting to pull off both, does it work? Well yes it does, they do look good and come in a variety of colours and with a tactile and light feel to them, they are ideal for listening to tunes on the go.

Build quality is what you would expect from Mad Catz nicely padded and comfortable to wear plus the price is reasonable for what you get.

Ok so what do you get? The Tritton Kunai Mobile Headset is mainly aimed at the ipod/pad/phone users amongst us, yet it does work adequately with other devices although all the functions of the in line audio controller don`t work with all non-Apple devices, it’s a matter of trial and error really.

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Apple product owners are in for a treat though as it does work perfectly with iPods/pads and phones and with in-line controls for volume, track selection and phone.

The Mic is fitted with integrated noise reduction and that works well out doors.

Sound is not bad actually fired through two 40mm precision balanced neodymium speakers with plenty of bass and with the memory foam ear pads sound insulation is superb.

I have been walking around with these on for a few days now and played everything from hip hop to classical and it all sounds superb, OK outside there is a certain amount of exterior noise filtering through but hardly worth complaining about to be honest.

As with all Tritton headsets these fold flat for easy storage and for comfort when worn around the neck, the 1.2 metre cord is just the right length and with a 3.5 mm jack fits any mp3/phone /tablet

Each headset comes with different colour magnetic tags that can be swapped to add a bit of customisation and they come in a sort of matt finish as well which is nice.


The Tritton Kunai Mobile Headset is a great headset for the price and ideal for Apple users, if you’re not one then you will find some of the functions don`t work with other devices, even so the build quality and sound of these is superb.

The Tritton Kunai Mobile Headset

Manufacturer: Tritton (mad Catz)

40mm Neodymium speakers

Compatible with most MP3/phones/Mobile devices

Removable speaker tags

Price: £69.99


Usability: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Value for Money : 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5