Fun and fitness for the family

Are you ready for a fun fitness challenge for you and your family?

If so head for Brockholes on Saturday where the grown-ups can take part in a Boot Camp and the kids can indulge in a Prison Break.

The Boot Camp is a highly motivated fitness class run by personal trainer Mickii Edwards.

Mickii and his team have designed a course that will push you to your limits during a fun one-hour workout.

And while you are reaching those all important fitness goals the kids can work off their energy on the Prison Break.

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    This new kids’ workout for seven to 11-year-olds is run by specially-trained fitness instructors and there are prizes each week for best student.

    The children will be given a fun, challenging, skilled and measured workout, which will teach discipline and help to combat obesity.

    If you really feel like getting into character, prison uniform can be purchased from the Brockholes office for £25 for adults or £20 for children.

    Alternatively wear appropriate clothing - tracksuit or shorts and comfortable training shoes are essential.

    Participants are advised not to eat for two hours before the session and not to smoke in the 30 minutes prior to exercising.

    The sessions cost £6.50 for Adult Boot Camp and £5 for Kids’ Prison Break, or you can sign up for a course of 11 weeks.

    For more information or to book call 01772 872000.