Driftwood are riding the tide as they aim to hit the big time

It's been a busy start to 2017 for the rising indie pop trio Driftwood already labelled as a band to watch this year.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 17th February 2017, 3:17 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 12:44 pm
Hugh Aitchison- vocals,piano, Marcus Maddock- guitar, Nathan Walker - cajon, indie pop band Driftwood
Hugh Aitchison- vocals,piano, Marcus Maddock- guitar, Nathan Walker - cajon, indie pop band Driftwood

They have just finished recording on their EP and will be back on Preston home turf next month with a performance at the Mad Ferret capping off what they describe as an amazing few months.

The release of the self-penned EP, Rethink is the latest highlight for the band in their bid for mainstream success.

Driftwood have recently been spotlighted as finalists in the Capital FM Vodafone Future Breakers competition with their track ‘This City’

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Driftwood release their new single Late Nite on March 1

The profile has offered a promising platform for the band to further expand their fan base, the announcement coinciding with their first anniversary.

Not bad for a three-piece, whose lead singer has never had a singing lesson and who came together over a camp fire and beers quite literally.

Marcus, 19, says: “It has been pretty mad to be honest but we’re just having the best time.

“It’s really full-on, especially with full time studies as well but we’re all so committed and it’s all good fun. Being named on Future Breakers has been a huge confident boost.


”You get a real buzz hearing your songs on the radio.”

Hugh Aitchison and Marcus Maddock, both 19, hail from Preston and Nathan Walker is from Hull.

Now balancing their music commitments between their degree studies, Marcus and Nathan are based in London while Hugh is living in Manchester, their hard work is paying dividends.

All three will say they actually found music by accident, yet playing together they have created a unique sound which has now harboured them favour with Capital FM as well as compliments from industry players such as Sony Columbia and EPIC records.

Hugh Aitchison- vocals,piano, Marcus Maddock- guitar, Nathan Walker - cajon, indie pop band Driftwood

Former Lostock High School pupil Marcus says their sound and many of the tracks have been spontaneous, much like the set-up of Driftwood itself.

Neither Marcus or Hugh came from particularly musical backgrounds and it was not until college, meeting through mutual friends, they found a real love for music.

“We just fell into it - it was totally spontaneous.

“Really randomly a few of the lads decided on a weekend camping trip and we headed out to Garstang.

Hugh (centre) and Marcus (right) hail from Preston, bandmate Nathan (left) joined the band after meeting Marcus at university

“After a couple of drinks we just started singing around the fire and ended up thinking we should do something with this.

“We haven’t stopped and we’ve been like brothers ever since.”

The pair started with open mic nights across the north west and uploading covers and original songs on YouTube, gathering a following through social media.

Marcus then met 20-year-old Nathan when they were put together as housemates after his move to the capital to study song writing at BIMM London music college. Nathan is studying musical production.

Adding a touch of random percussion, Marcus and Hugh found their missing link and Driftwood was born in late 2015.

“We all add something different and that is why it works - a couple of times at gigs, we’ve spotted people looking and it’s that ‘what is this?’ but we get going with the performance and suddenly people click and engage with what we’re doing. And that is what it is about for us, people being part of what we do.”

Driftwood release their new single Late Nite on March 1

Their efforts in the past month have been concentrated on the self penned five-track EP which will be released on April 1.

Re-Think contains four new songs and will also feature This City as a bonus track.

Last Nite is their next single and will be released on March 1.

Driftwood describe themselve as indie pop - their influences include Ed Sheeran and The 1975 but with a distinct acoustic twist.

Marcus plays the guitar, Hugh on vocals and Nathan adding his spin with the cajon drum.

They have played a number of well-known live circuit staples including Sound Control Manchester and the O2 Islington Academy.

“Performing live of the greatest part of what we do – we write songs people can relate to.

“We love the acoustic sound and there’s definitely a place in the world for that kind of music right now.

“It’s edgy and our lyrics have back bone - our gigs are all lively and energetic, it’s all good fun.”

Driftwood headline their own show at the Mad Ferret on Saturday, March 18.Facebook www.facebook.com/OfficialDriftwoodTwitter @MusicDriftWood Instagram @OfficialDriftWood


What is the inspiration/reasoning behind the name Driftwood?

It was a product of many late nights and lots of other names thrown around none really good enough to even stay in our head DRIFTWOOD was the only one that did, we like how it describes us as well, the name is quite simple which is like our set up, catchy like our music and driftwood is a bit rough around the edges which the three of us are haha

How do you describe your music?

We normally say “ Indie Acoustic Pop” and then follow up with “Like an acoustic The 1975”. Its up beat easy to listen to and get involved with we love making our audiences feel like the music is theres as much as its ours crowd participation is always a key feature in our shows

Which of your tracks do you best like performing and why?

Probably our last single THIS CITY as it normally gets a really good response from people who haven’t heard it before and from the support its had on local radio in preston when we play it at gigs and people do know it its great to hear people singing along

Where have you enjoyed performing?

we have been lucky enough to play the O2 academy 2 in Islington London, Sound control, Star and Garter, Night&Day cafe and The Castle in Manchester and The Mad Ferret in Preston are amongst some of our favourite venues.

Who are your major influences?

The 1975, Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, Blink 182, Bruno Mars

What is your claim to fame or greatest career highlight so far?

we were spotlighted by the Vodafone Big Top 40 chart show as a future breaker, and were introduced on capital fm !

What tracks' artists are on your playlist right now?

Right now, Nathan is listening to Panic at the Disco and Twenty-One Pilots along with some other stuff

Hugh has some Drake, yung lean and also both of Ed Sheerans new songs !

Marcus is listening to Bon Iver’s 22 A Million album, Chance the rapper and Childish Gambino

Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

We would love to work with Ed Sheeran as an acoustic act he’s been huge inspiration to us showing us that you can do it your own way you don’t need a full band as long as the songs are good and you’re passionate enough you can do great things with a simple set up.

Which one place would you like to play and why?

One of the stages at leeds, we love the festival and being a part of it but would love a chance to get up on a stage and play to all the amazing people that turn up there !

Where do you want to be in five year's time?

Making waves hopefully but regardless of what happens we still want to be writing and performing our own music.

Tell us about your song writing style - what inspires you?

Marcus and Hugh write the majority of the songs together bar a few that are Marcus’ little brain children,

A good night out always provides inspiration! Marcus and Hugh would normally feel inspired around 03:15am after a night in Preston’s Warehouse the pair would normally grab some chicken and a taxi and head back to Marcus’ but writing about very observational topics i.e what someones wearing the colour of his shirt or her dress is always a great inspiration point

Tell us an interesting fact about yourselves or the band?

Nathan is a qualified scuba diver

Marcus has done a skydive from 14,000 ft for charity

Hugh has never had a singing lesson in his life

What's your top tips for others looking to make it in the music business?

Network and talk to people, and work with people that want to work to make you better not to keep you at their pace, that will push you even if it means opening your mind to change and adapting.

Hugh Aitchison- vocals,piano, Marcus Maddock- guitar, Nathan Walker - cajon, indie pop band Driftwood
Hugh (centre) and Marcus (right) hail from Preston, bandmate Nathan (left) joined the band after meeting Marcus at university