Training for the Ironman: The technology to help you train

LUMOback �129.00 from
LUMOback �129.00 from
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The LEP’s news editor Karl Holbrook is taking on the Ironman challengee in July, and he’s stepping up his training. Here’s half a dozen bits of kit to make your training regime a little easier, perhaps even more enjoyable – here’s hoping...

Misfit Shine activity tracker - £99.99, from

We’ve seen our fair share of wearable monitors keeping tabs on exercise regimes, but none quite as stylishly as the Misfit.

It tracks your walking, running, swimming, cycling and even sleep patterns, then tots up all the steps, calories and distances, and shows your progress with the tap of the screen.

Synch over Bluetooth to your smartphone and open up a whole world of stats and goals to achieve - splendid kit indeed.

Sennheiser PMX 685i - £59.99, from

There are some Bluetooth earphones beginning to hit the market, but the Sennheiser PMX 685i offer a vastly superior sound.

They’re lightweight, have a secure fit to ensure they stay the distance, plus there’s a handy in-line remote control so you can flick to the Rocky soundtrack as you approach any steps.

SanDisk clip sport - from £39.99, from

It is perfectly fine to use your smartphone for your motivational music but, there are the obvious drawbacks; social media distractions, emails, texts and the dreaded dropping it.

So while you’re on the run, a dedicated device like one of these colourful numbers from SanDisk is a superb alternative.

Plenty of on-board storage with the capacity to expand the memory, and an FM tuner so you can tune in and work out.

LUMOback - £129, from

For many of us, days spent slouching and crouching at our computer screens causes terrible posture, bad backs, and, with it, the ability to exercise.

This superb piece of kit is a real breakthrough; worn under the clothes, it communicates with an app and alerts the wearer when posture levels fall short.

It also tracks steps, calories burnt and even how much time you’re seated.

BoxBurn Machine speed bag - from £99.99, see

This piece of kit, with its 360 degree rotating grips, offers a seriously intense workout should you want it, or a lower calorie burning session (while sitting down) if not.

It is proven to improve strength, stamina and also speed and essentially mimics a speed bag, which can be tricky to master.

LANAFORM Power Full 57670 Vibrating Platform - £157.94, from

These vibrating platforms have seen a surge in popularity of late, believed to offer all the workout in minimal time.

Similar machines punch well above the price tag of this clever machine, which is ideal for muscle toning with its five different pre-programmed modes.