Osgood family have plenty of belts

Isaac, Amanda and Sam Osgood
Isaac, Amanda and Sam Osgood
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Man of the house Neil Osgood could be forgiven for feeling rather nervous every time he walks through the front door of his Fulwood home.

For the Preston dad knows he is just one playful moment away from being flipped over by either of his sons Sam (11) or 10-year-old Isaac...or even his wife Amanda!

The mother-and-sons trio have been celebrating recently after earning coveted black belts in the sport of taekwondo.

And Amanda jokingly admitted her husband had better watch out now!

She said: “Sam and Isaac could probably beat their dad up now – although it would probably need both of them at the same time.

“Joking aside, he’s really proud of us.”

Amanda, who turns 43 next month, first took up the sport in 2008 after being inspired to do so by watching her two sons.

After taking them down to North West Taekwondo Club, which holds classes at both Fulwood and Ashton Leisure Clubs, she decided to get on the mat with her sons rather than stand on the sidelines.

“We started in October, in 2008,” she said.

“With the boys getting a bit older, we wanted them to be able to look after themselves.

“So I took them down and watched them for a few weeks, but I was sat there thinking, ‘I could have a go at this so I joined in with them’.”

Both Amanda and Sam actually achieved their black belts in 2011 and the family’s achievement was complete when Isaac joined them at elite level last year.

“It took me about three-and-a-half years to get my black belt. Sam was about the same and Isaac got his last year,” Amanda said.

“You get graded every three months and there are about 10 belts before you get to black.

“We all got a few A-passes when we got graded. I think me and Isaac got two, and Sam got four.”

Now that they have all earned black belts, the trio are now able to help out teaching other students.

Amanda admits that is something which gives her a lot of pleasure.

“I love helping out with teaching,especially the little ones,” she said.

“It’s great seeing them at first when they haven’t got a clue and then a few months later seeing them have a belt around them.

“That’s fantastic. It gives me a real buzz and, of course, helping out is also payback for all the hard work put in by 
our own instructor Karen Kehoe.”

Amanda, who also enjoys running, is a hairdresser during the day in Longton, where she has worked for the past seven years.

Sam is a pupil at Longridge High School, while Isaac attends Sherwood Primary School, in Fulwood.

While their mum seems unlikely to go for a second dan black belt, they are eager to progress even further in the sport.

They have already shown that they are capable of performing well in a high-pressure situation.

At the recent World Karate and Kickboxing Competition, held in Manchester, Sam won a gold medal in his particular age category while Isaac came away with a silver amongst his contempories.

Amanda made sure she didn’t miss out on a 
podium placing by scooping a hard-earned bronze 

She said: “Competing in something like the Olympics is realistic for both Sam and Isaac.

“They are young enough to take it further.”