Price is not right for Rids

Peter Ridsdale, Preston North End chairman
Peter Ridsdale, Preston North End chairman
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Preston North End’s chairman of football Peter Ridsdale believes the BBC’s ‘Price of Sport’ survey paints a distorted picture of the cost of tickets.

The BBC gathered data from clubs in 10 divisions in England and Scotland on a number of pricing issues.

And Ridsdale thinks the cheapest matchday ticket category is rather misleading.

He told the Evening Post: “If a club did a one-off family day, when ticket prices were reduced, they could put that forward to the survey.

“But it’s not representative of the whole season.

“If you look at Sheffield United in our division, the BBC’s survey shows their cheapest matchday ticket is 

“Then the survey suggests that fans can get a day out there for £17.20.

“But that £10 ticket was from a family day, a one-off.

“If you want a ticket for the next four Sheffield United home games, their fans will be charged either £18 or £22.

“I’m not having a go at Sheffield United – it’s the way this survey is done which I think gives a distorted picture.

“It’s not comparing like for like.

“You can’t go to Sheffield United on a regular basis and pay only £17.40 for a day out.

“If clubs were charging only £10 a ticket for every game, fair enough.”

While some season ticket prices in the Premier League were cheaper than at clubs in the lower divisions, Ridsdale pointed to differing revenue streams as a reason.

He said: “The money from central funds sees clubs in the Premier League get £40m each a season.

“That figure drops to £4.8m per club in the Championship and down to about £1m in League One where we are.

“Outside of the Premier League, gate receipts provide the highest portion of income to clubs.

“If clubs like us don’t charge what we charge, then effectively we halve the cost of our player wage bill and then you get what you pay for.

“We compare very favourably with a lot of clubs on a match-by-match basis, and our fans who are ambassadors get an even better deal I believe.”