Tim Mercer’s Preston North End Fans’ Panel: Feeling a little lost this weekend

Waking up on Saturday morning felt like what might best be described as an emotional hangover.

Sunday, 15th March 2020, 11:45 am

None of the usual expectation, however unfounded, of seeing a 
great performance on the field of play followed by 
either a satisfying pint or three if we’ve won or, if not, summoning up the 
motivation to write a Fans’ Panel report for The Gentry.

Rollercoaster? Of course, that’s what it’s all about and why we put ourselves through the wringer week in and week out.

Also, its 
March – we are at the business-end of the season and my beloved North End are in the last play-off spot, albeit on a bit of a wing and a prayer following recent results.

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When will we next see fans back at Deepdale?

I’m both angry and upset 
by the thought of at least three more weeks with no football…no anticipation, no recording of EFL on Quest HD, no posting, and following and liking on Twitter as we all revel in our underdog status…mocking fans of 
the ‘big clubs’ who can never believe it when little ‘Tin-pot Preston’ get one over on them.

I try to ignore the bereft feelings by carrying on in my usual routine, going out and getting the butter pies, eating them with gallons of gravy and a bucket-load of peas, turning on Radio Lancashire,

updating the Twitter feed at 2pm sharp for the team 
news that will now be absent for some time to come.

Am I a little insane?

Maybe, but if so I have the comfort of knowing that all those that sit around me in The Invincibles are probably a little bit wonky themselves.

Never mind, time for that pint and a good night’s sleep and, if I’m lucky, I might wake up tomorrow and find it’s all been a bad dream.