The day desperate PNE welcomed a psychic to Deepdale

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  • October 24, 1994
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It’s 9 times in the play-offs for PNE without a far. Simon Grayson is plotting Wembley success, but as BRIAN ELLIS reported at the time, after a poor start to the 1994-5 season and a shock defeat at Colchester PNE boss John Beck took drastic steps to turn the tide.

Desperate Preston North End boss John Beck today welcomed a psychic to Deepdale and begged her: “Please lift the curse hanging over the club.

I want her to come down to the ground, walk around the place and tell me if she can lift this hoodoo.

John Beck

North End crashed to their sixth successive defeat at Colchester on Saturday to stay at their worst position in the league for eight years.

Superstitious Beck admitted today: “I’ve tried all sorts of ways to end this club’s bad luck, but we’re still suffering.

“So why not bring in a gipsy to see what she can do?”

“I want her to come down to the ground, walk around the place and tell me if she can lift this hoodoo. I’ve only been here less than two years, so it can’t be me. This club has been jinxed for the last 30 years.

“Nothing seems to have gone right for them in all that time!”

Psychic Paula Paradaema from Blackpool arrived at the club this afternoon.

She said negative energy from the players and officials could be responsible for the club’s run of bad luck.

“If the manager and the people at the top are bickering all the time they can be convering the place in negative energy.

“That enery will build up and turn into a living thing that feeds off their anger and controls them. It can convince players they will lose and then they will. It’s a vicious circle that has to be broken.

“The first defence in any form of psychic attack is to tell yourself you will not be beaten, so the players have to be boosted to fight against this.”

She said 1994 was Beck’s year and the club would be best holding onto him.

Preston are now 16th in the third division with just 14 points from 13 games.

Deepdale managing director Derek Shaw agreed there might be something in the curse.

“I have never been a superstitious person,” he said today.

“But I’ve now got to admit we sense something isn’t quite right at Preston.

“We all get built up and so often get knocked down. It’s been happening like this since I was a kid.

“What other club would celebrate getting taken over in a big money deal with a string of defeats. It’s bizarre and if John wants to bring in a gipsy then I’ll go along with that.”

No-one from the PNE INdependent Supporters Asociation would comment.

October 25, 1994

Following her visit Paula promised boss Beck a 4-2 win in the club’s upcoming home match against Scunthorpe.

In the event they lost by a single goal. And then went on to lose thre after that.

They did, however, turn the season around and make it to that year’s play-offs.