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Joe Garner does the 'chicken dance'
Joe Garner does the 'chicken dance'
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Joe Garner came up with a chicken dance celebration after equalising for Preston North End in the derby clash with Blackburn.

People might think it was aimed at the Venky’s who own Rovers but I’m convinced it was based on my dancing style back in the day in Squires!

The chicken dance was one which turned into the ‘Gregan Shuffle’ when I threw a few moves on the dancefloor.

Joking aside, it was nice to see Garner on the scoresheet again, so too Jordan Hugill who netted a fantastic winner.

To see the strikers scoring is always a big boost and in the case of Hugill, he has now got goals in two big derbies in the last few weeks.

I like Hugill’s story and how he has come into the game late after playing non-league and working in pubs.

He is living the dream on a smaller scale to what Jamie Vardy is doing.

It was probably quite a brave move by Simon Grayson to start with Hugill when he also had Eoin Doyle available and Jermaine Beckford.

But if Hugill keeps coming up with the goods, he deserves his chance to stay in.

A turning point in the game at Ewood Park was of course the penalty awarded to PNE after Shane Duffy handled on the line.

It is a double whammy in those circumstances, going down to 10 men and having the penalty given.

When you are in a situation like that, it most be difficult for a defender.

You could ask the question why handle the ball when it will leave your team a man down for more than an hour?

But when you are out on the pitch, it is an instinct thing and players don’t think how early or late in the game it is.

As a player, I was fortunate enough never to find myself with such a decision to make because I was never that quick to get back on the line!

Your instinct as a player is to stop the ball going into your net though.

A train of thought is that the resulting penalty might be saved or missed, so handling on the line at least saves your team conceding – even if you go down to 10 men.

North End will not have minded a jot what happened on this occasion.

The initial shot from Hugill was on its way in and so justice was done when Duffy got his red card within the laws of the game and then Garner put the penalty away.

They did well playing with the extra man for more than an hour which is not always the case.

Sometimes playing against 10 men can very difficult, you feel that bit of extra pressure knowing that you should be taking advantage of it.

Red cards have gone the other way against North End this season, so things tend to even themselves out.

I noticed that it was the first win for Preston at Ewood Park since 1979.

That is quite a length of time and probably made this one all the sweeter.

The sides have actually not met too often in those 37 years, I think in my time at Preston we only went there once in the league and for a cup game.

In the years they did not play one another, Rovers have been up in the Premier League with all of the money which was put into them.

They had Alan Shearer and won the title but now things are not going quite as well for them which can happen when big investment stops.

Finally, it must have been a great day out for the 7,000 PNE fans at Ewood.

They have always travelled in decent numbers, there was the night at Wigan in April 2000 when we filled the whole of the side stand.