Preston North End midfielder Alan Browne should get more plaudits says boss

Alan Browne is Preston's leading scorer with 11 goals
Alan Browne is Preston's leading scorer with 11 goals

Alex Neil believes Preston’s leading scorer Alan Browne deserves more recognition from outside Deepdale than he currently receives.

The Irish midfielder went top of PNE’s scoring charts with his 11th Championship goal of the season in the 2-1 win at Bolton.

Neil says Browne gets the plaudits from the North End faithful.

But beyond Preston, there is little acknowledgement of his talents says the PNE boss.

“I don’t think Alan gets the credit he deserves,” Neil told the Post.

“He does from Preston to be fair, everyone connected with Preston understands how important and vital Alan is to us.

“Alan has got more league goals than Harry Wilson, who is a terrific player at this level.

“But obviously with his connections with Liverpool and different kinds of things, they talk about those types of lads a lot.

“For any midfield player to get 11 goals in early February is a terrific achievement.

“He should be really pleased with what he has done.”

Neil has converted Browne into a No.10 during his time in charge of the Lilywhites.

Last season he scored nine goals, having failed to find the net at all in 2016/17.

Said Neil: “You get different types of No.10s, like in other positions.

“You’ll get technicians or those who want to run beyond and score goals.

“Alan just really suits the way we want to play.

“He triggers that first press at the top of the pitch, gets in the box and gets goals.

“His attitude is fantastic, he competes and has great legs to cover the ground.

“Alan’s use of the football is getting better and better.

“He scores from outside the box, he’s aggressive in the air at set-pieces.

“Alan is the modern-day midfielder, if you like, in that advanced position.

“He really complements Ben Pearson in the ‘six’ role, as well as Paul Gallagher and Daniel Johnson, who are more technicians.”

Browne, 23, came through a fitness check to play against Bolton.

Neil said: “In training on Friday, Alan was struggling and I thought he was going to be a real doubt.

“I was actually surprised when he declared himself fit on the day of the game and played as well as he did.

“Towards the end of the game I took both Alan and 
Ben Pearson off.

“I didn’t want to take them off and it did cause us a bit of an issue.

“With them both having been struggling before the game, I didn’t want to take too many risks.”

North End host Norwich at Deepdale tomorrow night.