How Preston North End rank in game time spent winning and losing in the Championship so far this season

Now the international break is in full swing, it's a fine opportunity to chow down on some early season statistics. The Championship is shaping up to have one of its most thrilling seasons in years, with just four points separating the top ten sides in the division.

By Richie Boon
Friday, 11th October 2019, 11:58 am
Preston North End
Preston North End

Preston North End have had a cracking start to the season, and are just one point off the top of the table. Here's a look at how the Lilywhites rank alongside their Championship rivals in terms of the percentage of game time they've spent winning, drawing, and losing in the league so far in the 2019/20 campaign. Click and scroll your way through the gallery to see how Preston fare. Statistics obtained from the excellent 'Experimental 3-6-1' website, ranked from worst to best winning time record.

Time winning: 10.5% Time drawing: 49.5% Time losing: 40% League position: 24th
Time winning: 10.6% Time drawing: 34.3% Time losing: 55.1% League position: 22nd

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Time winning: 13.2% Time drawing: 61.2% Time losing: 25.6% League position: 21st
Time winning: 14.8% Time drawing: 47.8% Time losing: 37.4% League position: 20th
Time winning: 16.1% Time drawing: 41.9% Time losing: 42.1% League position: 19th
Time winning: 17.4% Time drawing: 42.8% Time losing: 39.9% League position: 23rd
Time winning: 18.3% Time drawing: 50.1% Time losing: 31.6% League position: 17th
Time winning: 22% Time drawing: 41% Time losing: 37% League position: 18th
Time winning: 23.1% Time drawing: 54.9% Time losing: 22% League position: 15th
Time winning: 23.9% Time drawing: 47.9% Time losing: 28.2% League position: 12th
Time winning: 25.8% Time drawing: 54.7% Time losing: 19.5% League position: 11th
Time winning: 26.5% Time drawing: 60.6% Time losing: 12.9% League position: 16th
Time winning: 27.9% Time drawing: 44.6% Time losing: 27.5% League position: 14th
Time winning: 29.9.% Time drawing: 59.1% Time losing: 11% League position: 4th
Time winning: 30.3% Time drawing: 49.1% Time losing: 20.5% League position: 2nd
Time winning: 30.7% Time drawing: 50.7% Time losing: 18.6% League position: 10th
Time winning: 31.7% Time drawing: 51.2% Time losing: 17.1% League position: 6th
Time winning: 32.1% Time drawing: 40.5% Time losing: 27.4% League position: 1st
Time winning: 33.5% Time drawing: 31.4% Time losing: 35.1% League position: 9th
Time winning: 34.1% Time drawing: 51.2% Time losing: 14.7% League position: 5th
Time winning: 35.8% Time drawing: 44.8% Time losing: 19.4% League position: 7th
Time winning: 39.2% Time drawing: 35.9% Time losing: 24.9% League position: 13th
Time winning: 43.1% Time drawing: 34.7% Time losing: 22.2% League position: 8th
Time winning: 51.5% Time drawing: 36.1% Time losing: 12.4% League position: 3rd