Local refs’ chief calls for fair play

Under fire: Clattenburg with Chelsea's Mikel (right)
Under fire: Clattenburg with Chelsea's Mikel (right)
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The chairman of Preston Referees’ Society says under-fire Mark Clattenburg must be given a fair hearing with regards to the allegations of using inappropriate language being levelled against him.

Eamonn McNamara has stressed that it is a case of ‘innocent until proven guilty’, and the FA inquiry into Clattenburg’s alleged conduct must be allowed to take its proper course before judgement is made.

It is claimed that the Tyne and Wear referee used inappropriate language towards two Chelsea players in Sunday’s stormy clash with Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

McNamara told the Evening Post: “It’s a difficult situation but these are only allegations at the moment.

“Until Mark Clattenburg’s version of events is heard by the relevant people, he can’t be judged.

“It’s being properly investigated, and through the Professional Game Match Officials, Mark has said he will be pleased to help with the investigation.

“He’s one of the top referees in this country, no question about that.

“I feel for him in this situation because it’s been very one-sided so far.

“It’s desperately unfortunate when you get situations like this.

“I’m not too sure what the ‘inappropriate language’ being alleged is.

“So it is impossible for anyone to pass any sort of proper comment until the 
full ienquiry has been completed.

“Both sides of what went on have to be heard.”