EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Hugill column

Jordan Hugill ' pictured after scoring against Shrewsbury in September ' is rehabilitating after surgery on his knee
Jordan Hugill ' pictured after scoring against Shrewsbury in September ' is rehabilitating after surgery on his knee
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I am hoping that 2015 can start off better for me than how things have been in the last few months of 2014.

If my rehabilitation after knee surgery continues going well, I hope to be back in full training and pushing to play again in late January or early in February.

I damaged my right knee in the away game at Walsall in September.

It was quite eventful to say the least. I came on as an early substitute and hurt my knee in the first half.

But having just come on, I thought to myself that I could not come off so soon.

So I stayed on and in the second half ended up getting a red card for a moment of madness on my part.

I got a three-game ban for the sending off but the injury meant that I have not played since – I think you can safely say I have served my time!

The injury I got was damage to the cartilage in my knee. I twisted my body and got pushed at the same time as I challenged for the ball.

As a result of that movement, a piece of cartilage got crunched, came loose and then came away completely.

The following Tuesday I went for a scan on my knee and on the Wednesday I was booked in to see the specialist to get the results.

I knew it would not be good news but if I did need surgery, hopefully I would get a week or so off before having the operation.

When I saw the specialist he told me I would need surgery and said ‘Would tomorrow be okay with you to do it?’

So bang went my few days’ break and I had the operation in Yorkshire on the Thursday.

I had knee micro-fracturing surgery which basically involved having holes drilled into my knee.

The holes bleed, form scabs and eventually those scabs turn into cartilage.

For the first four weeks after the operation I was on crutches and could only do the bare minimum of fitness work.

That was frustrating and I’m not the sort of person who likes to sit round doing nothing.

It all got a bit tedious but after that spell things progressed and the recovery has been going much faster.

Last week, I had three sessions of straight-line running, which was a really positive step forward. As yet, I am not allowed to twist and turn but that will come in the next few weeks.

It is probably fair to say that our physio Matt Jackson is fed up of the sight of me.

Jacko has been working with me every day and I keep pushing him to allow me to step things up.

But I realise it is a slow process and I have to make sure everything is right before I step up to the next level of the rehabilitation work.

Although it is frustrating that I have been out for more than three months, I just count myself lucky that it was not an injury which would have kept me out for a year.

The injury has not taken the shine of my time at Preston. I have absolutely loved it since the minute I arrived.

Things went really well for me in the early part of the season when I scored against Middlesbrough – the club I supported as a kid – and Shrewsbury in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy.

That goal against Boro at the Riverside Stadium was something special on my part.

My family and girlfriend were sat in the away end and as soon as I saw them after scoring, I just lost it. Hopefully it will not be too long until I am back scoring again.