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Danny Welbeck pictured this week
Danny Welbeck pictured this week
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This might go against the current football grain but I actually do not see what all the fuss is about when players celebrate scoring a goal against their former club.

Danny Welbeck – briefly of this parish – and David Luiz both found the back of the net when facing their old employers during the week.

Welbeck’s goal for Arsenal at Manchester United turned out to be the winner.

He celebrated with in the middle of the pitch with his Gunners team-mates, staying a respectful distance from the United supporters and not rubbing their noses in it.

Luiz’s joy at scoring for Paris St-Germain against Chelsea was slightly different, in that his celebrations took him closer to pitchside.

But the fist-pumping was done slap bang in front of travelling Parisians rather than disgruntled London folk.

Neither Welbeck or Luiz’s celebrations should have caused any offence. Players should not feel so restrained when celebrating a goal, just on the off chance they might offend the people who once cheered them.

Not for one moment would I advocate a player running off to celebrate in front of the opposition fans, a hand cupped to their ear in a provocative manner.

But surely if they move club, their loyalty goes with them and the fans who now pay to contribute to their wages are entitled to see some emotion.

Perhaps if a player has spent many years with a club before moving on, you can understand a reluctance to celebrate.

However, the frequency at which footballers move around nowadays means they could be facing a former club fairly often.

Does a month on loan mean celebrations have to be toned down if in the future a player faces the club who borrowed him?

Now don’t get me wrong, a touch of humility and modesty in the modern game does not go amiss. But sometimes I get the feeling players would love to celebrate scoring for their current side but fear doing so against old friends just because of how it would be viewed.

Neither Welbeck or Luiz caused a riot in midweek, yet the fact they celebrated was a hot topic of conversation.

Luiz even came out and said sorry later, because he’d stated before the game he would not celebrate.

Football is an emotional sport. Who can blame the frizzy-haired one for forgetting himself in the moments after scoring such a fine header?

And as I eluded to earlier, Luiz did so in front of the away section and not the Shed End.

I’m not usually a massive watcher of the Champions League but I did enjoy Chelsea’s battle with PSG.

The side from the French capital used the injustice felt at the unjust red card for Zlatan Ibrahimovic to produce a performance of endeavour, skill and excellent possession, twice bouncing back to score equalisers.

Now that Chelsea have joined Liverpool in being dumped out of the competition, with the strong possibility that Manchester City and Arsenal will add their names to that list next week, what does that say about the Premier League?

Most entertaining league in the world? Possibly. The best standard? The evidence suggests not.

For the moment, clubs here have lost their way when it comes to playing European football, a large emphasis being on keeping the ball.

Closer to home and it felt strange not to be watching Preston play in midweek.

Since early January there have been seven Tuesday night games and one Monday evening offering.

With five of them being at home, maybe it goes some way to explaining some of the lower attendances at Deepdale.

Money only stretches so far and the demand of a cluster of games is a big one.

It is back to a Saturday and Tuesday routine, with Crewe’s visit today followed by that of Peterborough.

These are two big games in terms of potentially cementing North End in second place.

Being able to establish some breathing space in the automatic promotion slots would certainly not go amiss.

How key, in the long run, will last Saturday’s 2-0 win at MK Dons prove?

It was the perfect afternoon in many ways, close on 2,000 Preston supporters witnessing a controlled performance from their side.

The support was loud, the special train ran smoothly and PNE rose to the occasion.

Fans are certainly getting their money’s worth away this season, with Preston now having 10 wins on their travels.

After the 2k to MK push, the aim is for 4k to Barnsley on Gentry Day in a week’s time.