Jeffers is ready for big night against Gomez

Mark Jeffers
Mark Jeffers

Lancashire boxing prospect Mark Jeffers believes he is more than ready for his sixth professional fight this weekend against Christian Hoskin Gomez.

Jeffers, 19, who trains at Jennings Gym in Coppull, is currently 
undefeated in his boxing career. However, Saturday’s fight in Liverpool may be one of his toughest challenges yet, for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, the Eccleston fighter has had just over two weeks to prepare for his challenger due to his previous opponent pulling out for their scheduled fight on October 24.

Nevertheless, Jeffers still feels confident going into the clash.

“I found out on Monday who it is, so we gave him a quick watch,” said Jeffers.

“We have got a game-plan. I think we know what we have got to do.

“This won’t go the final bell. I’ll knock him out,” added the youngster.

This will also be Jeffers’ first professional fight going six rounds due to the four-round limit in his previous encounters.

He knows that he will have to adapt his game-plan.

“It might only seem like two rounds’ difference but there is quite a big gap,” he said.

“You have got to be more strategic, to be honest with you, and be more thoughtful about what you are doing.”

The middleweight comes into the fight very 
confident, although he knows that he cannot take 
this fight for 

Gomez’s record currently stands at 6-26-4

He added: “You can’t be cocky. But you have got to believe in yourself because if you don’t then nobody else will.

“When I go into that ring I don’t believe any man can beat me.” New British super lightweight champion 
Jack Catterall trained at the same amateur gym as 

When asked about Catterall, the 19-year-old had nothing but praise for the impact he is having on the sport.

“I watched him win it and it’s brilliant for Chorley, brilliant for all the young ones as well who are looking up to him.”

Jeffers takes on Gomez tomorrow night in Liverpool and tickets are still available. For more details go to Mark Jeffers’ Facebook page.