Century in sight for marathon man Pate

Michael Pate
Michael Pate

If you ever happen to stumble across Preston marathon man Michael Pate pounding the streets of his home town, be sure to savour the experience.

The 46-year-old may appear to be like any other ordinary jogger, but the former Broughton High School pupil is about to become the proud owner of a unique record.

No runner from Preston has ever managed to complete 100 marathons, but father-of-two Pate is about to rewrite the history books today.

He is set to go in the “Hell of a Hill” event in Rivington this morning, and in doing so, he will tick off a century of 26-mile missions.

His feat is all the more incredible considering he only began running seriously around five years ago.

And, remarkably, this year alone he has taken part in more than 30 races.

Not many people across the UK have joined the “100 Marathon Club” – in fact more people are reportedly to have climbed to the summit of Mount Everest than reached the magical three-figure mark.

Pate admits he will be a proud man when he crosses the finishing line for the 100th time today.

“It’s a big achievement,” Pate said. “I believe I will be the only person from Preston to do it.

“I got in touch with the 100 Marathon Club and they had a look through their membership.

“They said they hadn’t got any members from Preston.

“There are not many who have achieved it in the UK. Off the top of my head, I think there are about 400.

“Apparently so it goes, you are more likely to meet a person who has climbed Mount Everest than somebody who is in the 100-marathon club.”

Pate, who has already completed in three marathons over the past three days at Rivington and will make it five in five days tomorrows, is married to Cheryl and has two children Jack (18) and sixteen-year-old Caragh.