Here are 13 things that happened first in Preston - how many did you know?

This week Matalan opened its latest store in Preston, more than 20 years after the first store in the country opened in the city.

By Colin Ainscough
Friday, 18th October 2019, 1:36 pm
Here are 16 things that happened first in Preston - how many did you know?
Here are 16 things that happened first in Preston - how many did you know?

Here we look back at all the firsts from Preston's history, from way back when, to some of the cities more recent achievements. You can read more about Preston's newest store here

Richard Arkwright's spinning machine which brought cotton mills to many northern English towns was invented in Preston.
Behind the large wall seen on the right was the former works of the Preston Gaslight Company. This operation began in 1816 and gave Preston boasting rights to having been the first provincial town in England to have it's streets lit.
Preston is the birthplace of teetotalism where Joseph Livesey in 1832 started his Temperance Movement.Livesey opened the first temperance hotel in 1833.
The first Mormon baptisms outside North America took place at the River Ribble in Preston.They were held on July 30, 1837, where nine individuals were baptised in the river, in the presence of a crowd of around 8,000 onlookers.
Founded in 1888, the Football League included 12 member clubs from the Midlands and North of England. Preston were crowned champions on Saturday January 5, 1889.
The RAF's first jet powered bomber,English Electric Canberra - was designed and built by EE in Preston finally taking flight in 1949.
The first traffic cones were used in the construction of the Preston bypass in 1958, they replaced red lantern paraffin burners.
Britains first motorway the eight-and-a-quarter mile Preston Bypassopened to traffic in 1958 paving the way for the modern motorway network we see today.
The first KFC in the UK opened in Preston in 1965, and is still serving customer on Fishergate to this very day.
The high street retailer's first store opened in Preston in 1985, and can still be found inHolme Rd, Bamber Bridge.
In 2010 Preston was the first place in the UK to fit a patient with the worlds most advanced prosthetic knee. The prosthetic is waterproof and included features to allow users to move easily from walking to jogging to running.
Following the opening of Preston Fishergate's shared space scheme in 2015, one particular piece of street furniture gained prominence following a series of unfortunate accidents. The Twitter account soon followed in 2016.
They paved the way for womens football, however, it took 100 years since they were formed, the Dick, Kerr Ladies FC were finally honoured with a blue plaque in 2017.