GUILD 2012: A perfect combination of innovation and tradition brought together

On The Night Shift performance in Avenham Park to end the Preston Guild
On The Night Shift performance in Avenham Park to end the Preston Guild
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Our Guild reporter recalls covering the run-up to the event and selects just a few memorable images.

When I was given the role of being the Post’s Guild reporter, I’m not sure I realised how much was involved in Preston’s epic event.

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The planning started several years before the actual Guild, and we joined the organisers behind the scenes to report on the grand visions to make the 2012 event one to remember.

Slowly but surely, it became clear what a special occasion it was going to be.

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When the main 10 days of Guild events finally came around in September, you could barely walk down the street in Preston without being confronted by the striking blue ‘G’ logo or a cheery volunteer in a ‘Guilder’ t-shirt.

Here was how we covered the Guild year:

A former ex-pat is urging Prestonians from around the world to make the trip home for the Preston Guild

Runners take part in 2012 Guild races

Biggest stage ever for Guild park concerts

Preston’s 2012 Guild calendar - revealed

Thousands line streets for Churches procession

Guild Trades Procession: Crowds join in the Guild fun

Was Danny Boyle’s Olympic Opening Ceremony influenced by Preston Guild?

Venues small and large played host to dozens of events, and famous Preston names threw their weight behind the celebrations, from Oscar-winning animator Nick Park to designer Wayne Hemingway, who masterminded the Vintage Guild elements.

But what really stood out was the spirit of ordinary folk. Everyone had a proud Guild memory to share, or wanted to be involved in some way. And they did so in their hundreds of thousands, whether that be lining the streets for one of the four huge processions, crafting bunting for a street party or simply having a great time at the concerts and fireworks on Avenham Park.

Most of the Lancashire Post newsroom were involved in covering almost every beat of the festival, producing extra editions of the paper after key events, publishing videos online and snapping thousands of pictures to capture the highlights. It was a hectic time with constant deadlines and dashing between events and locations, but we were thrilled to be part of an iconic occasion, and it was great to hear from so many readers about how much the Guild meant to them.

Where the 2012 Guild really succeeded was creating the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. The age-old elements such as the Guild Court were given the reverence and prominence they deserved, but there were brand new events which made 2012 unique and memorable.

Here are just a few of our favourite Guild photos.

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