The best gingerbread house kits to buy for Christmas - from houses to bake from scratch to ready-made

The holiday season is filled with baking and tasty treats - and a gingerbread house is one of the best
The best gingerbread house kits to buy for ChristmasThe best gingerbread house kits to buy for Christmas
The best gingerbread house kits to buy for Christmas

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Gingerbread houses are decorations and desserts all rolled into one, and building them is a great activity for adults and kids alike so it’s a wonderful thing to do as a family.

Baking and building one from scratch can be quite time-consuming, however, and you’ll have to have some pretty advanced baking skills to be able to make it successfully too. That’s why gingerbread kits have become so popular.

We’ve rounded up some of the best kits on the market. Some require you to bake the gingerbread pieces from scratch, while other DIY kits have the pieces ready-made so all you have to do is build, decorate and enjoy.

Even the ones that require you to make your own gingerbread pieces often come with the ready-made cookie mix and the correct moulds or stencils to make all the right pieces, so you can be sure your creation will be perfectly sized and cut correctly.

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This large gingerbread house is big enough for the whole family to enjoy - both in the building process and in the eating.

The kit includes everything needed to easily and build the house; a decorating bag, 7 gingerbread cookie pieces to build one house, sugar powder and sugar sprinkles.

The brick design has been baked into the gingerbread to allow for the easiest possible decoration - meaning even the littlest members of the family can get involved.

There is, of course, always room for creative flair.

The pieces of this gingerbread house don’t come ready-made, you have to bake this one yourself from scratch.

The advantage of that, however, is you can fill your house with the delicious smells of gingerbread while the pieces of your house are baking.

The slight disadvantage is that it will take longer to build your delicious creation, so you need to set aside more time if you use this kit.

It includes all the dry ingredients you need to make the gingerbread, templates to cut the house pieces from, icing mix, piping bag and candy to decorate.

There’s also a step-by-step guide of how to make the house, which are also available online - handy in case they get smudged by messy fingers.

Presented in a beautifully illustrated tin, this gingerbread house is kit is the best option if you like to gift it to a loved one this season.

The kit comes with 6 pre-baked gingerbread house pieces, royal icing mix, silver pearls, small and large rainbow sprinkles and piping bags – everything need to create and beautifully decorate a magical gingerbread house.

The tin can also be reused to store even more delicious Christmas treats for years to come.

This gingerbread house kit has everything you would expect from the seasonal baking set, except this one is gluten free.

That means that everyone in the family can enjoy this particular gingerbread creation, even if they have an intolerance to gluten and usually have to miss out on many sweet treats.

The box contains a cardboard cut-out template, a piping bag, the gingerbread biscuit mix, muscovado sugar, royal icing mix and rainbow and silver sugar pearls.

There’s also an easy-to-follow construction guide so you can be building - and eating - your gingerbread house in no time at all.

Get crafting with this gingerbread house making kit, which also requires you to bake your gingerbread biscuit from scratch.

The gingerbread cookie mix, included, can be used to shape your house using the reusable silicone house mould.

This set also consists of a gingerbread shaped cookie cutter so you can also make a little person to live inside your house, along with an icing tube with sugar coated chocolates to decorate your masterpiece.

This kit is about so much more than just the gingerbread house, it also includes everything you need to create a full festive season.

The kit, which all comes ready baked, includes an 8 piece gingerbread house, a 4 piece tree, a 4 piece Reindeer, a 3 piece sleigh and a 1 piece Santa - all you have to do is assemble and then you’ll soon be ready to decorate - and eat.

Speaking of decoration, there’s pre-made white icing and various other edible decorations including jelly candies, gummy trees, red sugar, holly leaves and berries.

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