Father's Day toys: Gift ideas for grown-ups that are still big kids at heart

Let your dad indulge his inner child with our round-up of big boy's toysLet your dad indulge his inner child with our round-up of big boy's toys
Let your dad indulge his inner child with our round-up of big boy's toys | Amazon

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Has your father not properly grown up? How about a big boy’s toy for a Father’s Day gift? Here’s some fun ideas

It's a little-known fact, and one I've just made up, that 96% of dads have a childish streak in them. And they still want to play with toys.

That glint in their eyes when they see a Nerf gun, or the temptation to muck in when their youngsters are embarking on a Lego set. We can't even walk past a Scalextric set without wanting a go. Almost all dads are big kids at heart.

Father's Day, then, is a perfect time to indulge their inner schoolboy, and buy them a gift that will take them back to their childhood and rekindle that long-lost love of toys.

And there is a lot to choose from if you're on the lookout for toys aimed at grown-ups. From card games to kites, and from frisbees to football sets, some toys are simply aimed at bigger kids - but you can bet Dad will be wanting a go, too.

We've rounded up a selection of fun things your father might love to unwrap on Father's Day, all of them available cheaply on Amazon.

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Price: £6.99, from Amazon

The "Dadness" Family Card GameThe "Dadness" Family Card Game
The "Dadness" Family Card Game | Amazon

For just £6.99, your dad might love this family-themed card game. It's actually three games in one, with varying difficulty levels built into each card.

What starts off as a simple game of snap becomes more complex and involved as you move up through the levels. It's all about quick-thinking, perceptiveness and reflexes.

Alongside the gaming element, each card has fatherhood-themed quotes written on them, to keep you entertained as you line up your next move.

The set even comes with its own dad-themed gift wrap. Cute.

Price: £34.95, from Amazon

A table-top set of five gamesA table-top set of five games
A table-top set of five games | Amazon

Why buy one big boy's toy when you can buy five? This table-top game set packs away into a compact size, but open it out and you've got an array of activities to get to grips with.

Start with a nostalgic burst of table football, before moving on to a round of pool. Pack that away and you've got an instant table-tennis tournament.

Swap that layer out and you've got a couple of boards for chess and backgammon.

It's a really neat way to add a gaming element to any afternoon, and looks like it's going to set Dad up for hours of fun.

Price: £16, from Amazon

The 1,000 piece 1980s brands puzzleThe 1,000 piece 1980s brands puzzle
The 1,000 piece 1980s brands puzzle | Amazon

If your dad is anything like me, he'll remember the brands he grew up with really fondly. And pretty much all of them are crammed into the image that makes up this fascinating 1,000-piece jigsaw.

Who remembers Tizer? Findus Crispy Pancakes? How about Kia Ora? I can already hear the tunes that accompanied the adverts, which were the soundtrack to much of my childhood.

A thousand pieces makes for quite a large and time-consuming jigsaw, so this will keep him quiet for hours, but find me a dad that doesn't like a nostalgic trip down Memory Lane from time to time.

Price: £99.99, from Amazon

A big kite for big kidsA big kite for big kids
A big kite for big kids | Amazon

Every dad has a bit of a thing about flying kites. They might pretend they don't, but get them set up with one on a beach and they'll be amused for hours.

This is about as manly as they come too, a proper foil kite, which will take some proper strength to rein in on a windy day.

It won't be long before your dad masters the skills to pull off stunts, and you'll only be needed to help him out when it crashes into a tangled mess.

Trust me on this, a decent kite will keep him entertained for more than long enough for you to relax and top up your tan in peace.

Price: £26.95, from Amazon

Lego for grown-ups! Lego for grown-ups!
Lego for grown-ups! | Amazon

True fact: Dads never grow out of building Lego. And now the legendary toy firm has started making kits that are aimed at adults. From cars to castles, there's a kit to suit every taste, but why not start him off on this lovely London skyline.

Unleash his inner architect, and enjoy the peace while he gets to grips with his very own Lego set, and rekindles a love of clicking the bricks together, and creating a mantlepiece memento he can gaze longingly at for ever more.

Price: £63.95, from Amazon

Axe throwing - not as perilous as it sounds! Axe throwing - not as perilous as it sounds!
Axe throwing - not as perilous as it sounds! | Amazon

Axe throwing has become surprisingly popular in recent years. No, really it has. Centres offering to let you have a go at the ancient custom are popping up everywhere. So why not get a set for your back garden? Don't worry, it's not as dangerous as it sounds. This set features bristles, which snag the foam axe as it reaches the target. So your shed windows will be safe.

The set also features a set of giant darts, so it's a two-in-one toy. Imagine the fun you can have arranging tournaments in your garden. That's if your dad actually lets you have a go.

Price: £11.26, from Amazon

Bring back the boomerang! Bring back the boomerang!
Bring back the boomerang! | Amazon

Dads of a certain age will doubtless have tried to throw a boomerang at some point. Although we never really did work out how to make it come back properly. Aerobie, a brand your dad will remember from his childhood, have crafted a modern take on the boomerang, and I bet your father will have a whale of a time with it.

Hurl the Aerobie Orbiter out at the right angle, and it genuinely will come back to you. The trick then is catching it. It'll take some time to perfect, but your dad will be in his element.

Price: £39.95, from Amazon

Knock the cans off the poles with small frisbeesKnock the cans off the poles with small frisbees
Knock the cans off the poles with small frisbees | Amazon

Frisbee-based fun can be served up with this marvellous little set that challenges you or your team to score points by knocking cans off poles using a flying disc.

It's every bit as challenging as it sounds, but really addictive, as you perfect your skills and improve your technique.

This is a great toy to take to the park as a family and set up a mini-tournament, which any competitive dad will doubtless relish in.

The best bit is, it all folds up into a neat bag, so it's ideal for camping and picnics.

Price: £124, from Amazon

The Spyra Two water gunThe Spyra Two water gun
The Spyra Two water gun | Amazon

If your dad has even a small shred of immaturity about him, and you know he has, really, then he'll love this water pistol for grown-ups. It's more than just a water pistol, it's a pre-charged electric water cannon that fires short bursts of pressurised water over long distances.

So it's great for target practice, for soaking your family, or even just for scaring off the neighbour's cat.

It refills electronically from a body of water and, charged off USB, the battery will last more than long enough to give you and your siblings a soaking.

Price: £11.88, from Amazon

Golf on the toilet? Who says men can't multi-task?Golf on the toilet? Who says men can't multi-task?
Golf on the toilet? Who says men can't multi-task? | Amazon

The time us dads get to spend in the smallest room is our blissful moment of daily solitude. But while your dad probably likes to take a crisp copy of the Daily Telegraph in with him, why not buy him this mini golf set, so he can instead spend his productive time brushing up on some golf skills.

Teeing off while you're doing your business seems like a much better use of one's time than flicking through TikTok anyway.