Here's how your star sign can help you design your home

​New Year is a great time for a fresh new look in your home​, but where do you go for ideas if unsure about style or colour schemes...

​Furniture design experts advise stepping​ away from the keyboard ​to​ take inspiration from your true self, based on​ personality traits of the zodiac​.​

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A study found that on average, ​the ​water signs​, ​​Pisces, Scorpio, and Canc​er,​ are more thoughtful in their purchasing habits, and fire signs​, ​Aries, Leo and Sagittarius​,​ are the most impulsive​. ​ Impulsive buyers tend to buy into current trends, whereas thoughtful purchasers create more of a personal​,​ developed style.

So, whether you’re a spontaneous Gemini, or a workaholic Capricorn, check out ​these​ interior ​choices by Swoon,​ to create ​the ultimate comfortable home environment.​


​C​ourageous and daring​, Aries loves​ to be loud and proud, with bold colours and opulent designs​.​  Try bold, graphic pieces such as ​a​ bright blue Ellsworth sideboard.Your birthstone is a diamond​ so let your coffee table reflect this? The Holborn combines a striking brass criss-cross base with a crystal-like glass top to steal the show.​ Combine​ with a daring feature wall using coat paint in shade Ditch the Tie – to create a dramatic green backdrop.


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Whil​e the Taurean soothing personality can often feel like a warm hug to friends and loved ones, sometimes you need a little TLC too​.​ A cosy bedroom full of soft furnishings and romantic lighting is ​perfect.​ The Kipling King Size Ottoman bed will help you sleep easy. Adorn with a super soft blanket such as the Niki Jones velvet linen throw in the shade Oyster​.​  ​For​ mood lighting ​ta Heloios lamp mixes emerald-green marble (your birthstone), gold trimmings, and an exposed lightbulb to create a comforting glow​.


​Gemini is​ always the life and soul of the party ​and y​our social spaces tend to be colourful, quirky and artistic​.​ ​A​ stylish drinks trolley such as t​he Hansel is the ultimate piece to gather your friends around​.​ To ​rest your dancing feet, go ​for an iridescent coloured sofa such as the Berlin in the shade Taupe, that is reminiscent of your birthstone, the pearl.


 ​K​nown to be one of the most emotional and nostalgic signs on the zodiac, ​Cancer folk like g​allery walls full of memories​ or a classy cabinet such as the Fresco. This stylish mango wood storage option​ ​​can ho​ld ​​endless collections. To soften the distinctive design, include a geometric graphic print to your gallery wall. ​A​ Transfer framed print ​can ​incorporate a ruby red flash of magic to celebrate your birthstone​.​


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​Leo​ style is based around glitz and glamour​, as this sign's people are like​ magpie​s​ when it comes to all things shiny​.​ The Ziggy contemporary sideboard appeals to​ flashy tendencies, whil​e​ also providing function and order. Pair your new gold sideboard with a complimentary statement chair in the colour of your birthstone. The Aron chair in the shade Juniper has a dark wood base and stylish Mid-Century glamour.


​Virgos have a​ love for minimalism​.​ Re-ignite your natural love for the outdoors by incorporating raw materials into spaces with a Tammy mango wood side table. This sculptural piece reflects your natural affinity towards organic yet contemporary design, and satisfies your need for organisation​.​ ​With a​ mango wood side table, why not incorporate a Houdini shelving unit?


​T​he most social sign of the zodiac love​s​ clashing colours and styles, so could ​try​ the simple and crisp lines of the ​Deco design ​Aravalli drinks trolley​.​ ​W​hite marble resembles your Opal birthstone, and contrasts with green accents. When the party is over, recover​ ​on a plush, co-ordinating sofa such as the Denver four-seater sofa​.​


​One of the​ most houseproud ​signs ​of the zodiac, ​Scorpios​ meticulously plan interiors, ​and love accessories.​ The Pero black metal and leather mirror is the epitome of the Scorpio aesthetic. A little vain, a little gothic, a little modern​, it can be paired​ with the Orien statement industrial shelving to create a bold feature wall​.​ Coat paint in the shade Moritz​ is a​ moody amber shade ​that ​reflects your birthstone, topaz, promoting creativity, loyalty, and emotional healing.


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​Sagittarians​ love​​ to relax in muted colours and open spaces, and are naturally drawn towards oceanic imagery, whether that be seaside tones or driftwood inspired furniture. The Porlock King Size Ottoman bed in the shade Indigo is your dream place to snooze​ w​ith its ribbed headboard reminiscent of seashells, and its stunning colour​.​ You are also inspired by the sun and its light. The house of Diffuser lamp stimulates natural light, evocative of a winter morning sunrise.


Capricorn​s ​crave a functional space to get things done, so the Watts Scani style desk ​could be​ perfect. This sleek, solid wood desk has a large top, and two slim drawers to hide your 'not so coordinated' belongings. You’re a traditionalist, so The London Clock in White Marble ​is sure to appeal.​ This solid marble clock face features silver specks and brushed gold hands, ​to ​mirror the sparkle you ​add to life​.


​An Aquarian​ sense of calm is ​an​ overarching theme in your interiors​, as​ you love to relax and meditate. What better place to reflec​t​ than a bohemian style run? The Taniko rug is hand crafted from all natural materials. The beautiful pattern and elegant colour palette reflect your stylish side, ​with​ matching applique pompoms​.​ The Banner TV stand is also ideal to facilitate your ​view​ing habits, with a richly coloured sandblasted mango wood facade, and flashes of brass detail.


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​Pisceans​ typically swing between traditional and modern aesthetics. As a water sign, oceanic colour palettes appeal the most, with greens, blues and turquoises. The Connie scalloped sideboard is the ideal place to stash trinkets. Its navy-blue tone bodes well with the flashes of brass, creating a spectacular focal point.​ Elegant lamps will help your creative side. The Rhe Table Lamp casts ​a​ gorgeous glow​, ​with a Mid-Century brass plated holder to tie in with the Connie’s design.

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