Get summer slim with TV's Steve Miller and inspire others with your story

Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 7:42 am
Updated Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 4:51 pm
Steve Miller used to weigh 15 and a half stone, but lost four and a half stone and has now managed to keep trim for over a decade

TV’s Steve Miller, renowned weight loss expert, is helping our readers to shed the pounds this summer and wants slimming role models to come forward.

A self proclaimed 'former fat person’ – having shed the pounds himself - he wants to help you do the same and inspire with stories of others.

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Steve, who runs a hypnotherapy weight loss business called ‘Fatnosis’, is teaming up with JPI Media to offer you all the tips and tricks you will need to lose weight this summer season – and keep it off for good.

Over the coming weeks, Steve will be writing columns detailing information and advice on everything from ways to trick your mind to eat less to where you can buy affordable fruit and vegetables.

'This is about saving lives'

Steve used to weigh 15 and a half stone, but lost four and a half stone and has now managed to keep trim for over a decade using the tips and skills he will be sharing with you.

Steve said, “I am a self proclaimed former fat person, but I lost weight about 15 years ago. I tried every diet going while I was trying to lose weight, but then I realised it’s not about diet, it’s about the head.

“People know what they need to eat to lose weight and be healthy, what they struggle with is getting in the right mindset to do that. I want to help people to find that mindset.”

Steve has featured on many TV programmes, including Sky’s Fat Families and ITV’s This Morning, offering people his help.

Steve runs a hypnotherapy weight loss business called ‘Fatnosis’ (Photo: Michael Robert Williams Photography)

He said, “I am known for being brutally honest, I will use the word fat. As a former fat person, I do understand how people feel so I am supportive, but I will also give tough love.

"I’ve heard every excuse in the cookbook for why people haven’t lost weight, from no time to exercise to blaming it on genes – I once said them myself.

“Obesity is now linked to so many health problems, from cancer, to heart disease, diabetes, and strokes, but I want everyone to know that their life is too valuable to be fat.

“This is about improving people’s confidence and self esteem, but also about saving lives.”

Looking for role models

During the next few weeks, Steve will also post live videos via our Facebook page to offer readers further tips and also support anyone who is using his techniques.

He is asking readers to commit to his programme, and also nominate themselves to become ‘Fatnosis’ role models and share their weight loss journey with readers.

He said, “I want as many people as possible to engage with me during these live videos and take part in this process. I want to know how people are doing so I can congratulate them if they are doing well or support them if they are struggling.

“This will be something different to what people have seen before; it’s a tough talking, no nonsense, no excuses approach – but it works.”

For more straight talking, weight loss expert tips and advice with heart and humour, visit Steve's web site at