Youth conference to teach kids about war

VENUE: Preston's Guild Hall will host the conference event and (below) Coun Drew Gale
VENUE: Preston's Guild Hall will host the conference event and (below) Coun Drew Gale
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Children from schools across the region are set to take part in a youth conference at Preston’s Guild Hall, aimed at “inspiring a different view of the First World War”.

Youngsters from year six classes will travel to France to learn about the role the Indian Army played in the conflict, before sharing their experiences with other children.

Councillor Drew Gale

Councillor Drew Gale

City representatives are celebrating the “brilliant” plans, and hope to increase children’s understanding and respect.

Coun Drew Gale, Preston Council’s armed forces champion, said: “The whole premise behind it is that we have a very constrained view around what’s being taught regarding the First World War.

“We want to provide an information pathway to the contribution made to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces by the Jullundur Brigade and the wider Indian Army.”

Children and teachers will go to Neuve Chapelle on October 28 to the Indian memorial, which marks the date when the regiment fought at Neuve Chapelle.

They will then share their experiences with their classmates, before a youth forum at the Guild Hall next year where they will present some of what they have found out.

Military personnel will be invited, as well as academics, teachers and historians.

Afterwards, leaders will work with schools to create a teacher learning pack, which will be given out to every school across Lancashire. Coun Gale added: “This is absolutely brilliant for Preston, and we have worked hard to make sure this event takes place in our fair city. It is a big deal – we get a chance to make a difference to kids’ lives.”

David Brookhouse, heritage learning manager at Lancashire County Council, said: “We sometimes get a fragmented view of history and we want to inspire children to look at the wider soldiers and countries that fought in the First World War, and we though it would be a nice thing to look at the role the Indian Army had.

“It’s for inspiring a different view of the First World War, and also these children are year six and they are leaving and transitioning into high school. I’m hoping through the work with other schools and looking at other cultures, they go away with greater respect and understanding of other communities.”