YOUR WEDDING: Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullen

Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan
Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan
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Wedding day for ambulance pair who found love in the workplace.

Although Pamela Mullan vowed she would never date a colleague, it was working at Chorley Ambulance Station where she met her soulmate.

Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan

Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan

Paramedic Pamela and Jason McCabe, an emergency technician, were paired together for a shift and they just clicked, they got on like they had known each other a lifetime.

“We did a number of shifts together and by the end of them I must admit I thought what a nice, genuine guy,” said Pamela.

“Jay, unbeknown to me, felt the same as I did with a similar work ethic.

“Neither of us was trying or wanting to find love in the workplace but there we both were, feeling love at first sight – it was strange for us both. We felt like big kids.”

Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan

Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan

They became engaged in September 2014 and found out soon after they were expecting their first child, James.

So they booked their perfect wedding at Farington lodge for October 1.

“Having looked at other venues, we believed the location was absolutely stunning,” said Pamela.

“The gardens are so beautiful, and my wedding day was faultless.

Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan

Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan

“Wedding co-ordinator Jennifer was easily accessible with questions, queries and problems leading up to the big day.

“And Alison was absolutely brilliant, well organised and everything was perfectly structured.

“I felt a proper princess. I can be my worse own enemy at times, as I am a perfectionist so I do like to be in control of everything.

“I had organised the wedding flowers, favours, table names, displays room decorations, cakes, keeping to a gold (toffee), ivory lace and rose vintage theme.

Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan

Jason McCabe and Pamela Mullan

“Exhausting as it was, a sense of satisfaction too as the rooms looked beautiful.

“On the day the final preparations were down to Farington Lodge. I had to put my trust in someone else, and I must say they did not let us down.”

The couple’s honeymoon didn’t go quite as smoothly.

Congestion on the motorway meant they missed check-in for their holiday to the Caribbean.

Left devastated, they managed a four-day break to Paris before salvaging a week of their honeymoon at a later date.

“Despite everything that has happened we are very lucky to have had such a beautiful and perfect wedding.

“No matter where we are in the world, we have each other, our health, work and a beautiful baby. Jay is my soul mate, best friend and the other half that makes me complete.

Jason added: “Farington lodge provided a perfect venue to marry my beautiful wife, who I truly love.”

Bride’s parents: Russell Snr and Lesley Mullan

Groom’s mum: Christine McCabe.

Best man: Stuart Hilton

Chief bridesmaid: Kimberley Watkinson

Bridesmaids: Emma Rae, Cailey McCabe

Page boy: James McCabe

Ushers: Glen Mullan and Russell Mullan jnr

Flower girls: Isabelle and Ruby Mullan

Love Letters: Laura Watson

Cake: By Ruth

Photographs: Something Blue Weddings

Make up: Lisa Rose

Hair: Kerrie McDonald at K Hair