YOUR VIEW: Crackdown on begging in Preston

A man sits outside Sainsburys on Fishergate
A man sits outside Sainsburys on Fishergate

The Post reported this week how the authorities in Preston had promised to ‘up the ante’ as they crack down on street begging in the city centre.

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A fresh enforcement initiative has kicked off this week with four patrols each day centred on Fishergate.

Beggars who ignore warnings will be issued with formal notices ordering them to leave within five minutes.

Latest figures estimate 80 per cent of those asking for cash are not genuinely homeless.

However, officers will signpost those who do require help to relevant organisations.

The story attracted almost 200 comments on our Facebook page. Here is a selection of them.

This is why I don’t give to beggars, you don’t know who’s genuine and who isn’ the article points out around 80% aren’t homeless!”

Catherine Pickering

Time and time again people are told not to give money to beggars in the street but people ignore official advice and still give. If people really want to help homeless people they should give money directly to a charity for the homeless such as Shelter.”

Lynn Cartwright

About five of them sat in BHS doorway,all clearly drunk! Asking can you spare some change... I don’t think so! I will help anyone who genuinely needs it,but won’t be intimidated by someone who has already spent quite a bit of money by 10 in the morning on booze.”

Linda Forshaw

Out of sight out of mind ..l don’t mind if they drink l would if l was homeless and on the streets all day and night with no hope.”

Memphis Maria

In the summer I had seen a woman begging for money in Preston. On a trip to Skipton a week later the very same woman was begging near the car park. Not homeless just a way of making money from people with good hearts.”

Margaret Catterall

I bought a chicken sandwich and coffee for someone begging on Orchard Street. Had to laugh said he was a vegetarian. It could only happen to me.”

Yvonne Danahar

Unfortunately there are many ex care leavers- mainly male over the age of 24 who don’t have a person in the world that cares for them and if by some miracle they don’t have a substance misuse problem then they get no help - and judged same as the the fraudulent ones - people have no compassion any more or just how awful some kids’ lives are - I despair.”

Carrie Carrie

Its awful walking through Preston now. My lad gave a lady ten pound as she said she had no money to get home and he felt sorry for her after my lad gave it her he walked away then she tried puttin squeeze on someone else.”

Jennifer Jones

What happens if they don’t move? Don’t really understand why they been told to move? Who makes up these rules? They not hurting anyone!”

James McIntyre