YOUR VIEW: Charges for green waste collection in South Ribble

This week we highlighted an issue in South Ribble where less than one in four households could have their garden waste collected when the council brings in a charge in April.

Friday, 23rd February 2018, 7:48 am
Updated Friday, 23rd February 2018, 8:50 am
Brown bin for garden waste

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Garden bins take-up is just one in four

So far only 9,000 residents have signed up for the controversial new brown bin service leaving an estimated 29,000 homes likely to opt out.

Householders have been told they will need to pay £30 a year to have their brown bins emptied on a fortnightly basis. Special stickers will be displayed on bins telling refuse crews which ones qualify.

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The story attracted a swathe of comments from disgruntled readers who largely ddn’t agree with the new scheme.

When we tried to sign up it wouldn’t process the what can you do. Useless.

Jennifer Stephenson

We shouldn’t have to pay.What do we pay council tax for? Where does that money go?

Danny Mandy Bowes

Hopefully this is a big mistake for South Ribble Borough Council. Black bin waste will increase significantly as people will ram their bins full and the council will have to dispose of this at a more costly land fill rate. SRBC need to be more honest and transparent and just increase the council tax if needed. I bet any gains from the £30 will be wiped out in administration costs and certainly blown out of the water with extra black bin waste.

Martin Catterall

What I don’t understand is why charge to recycle garden waste but no charge for grey bin.

Kiah Nicole Kuzan

Another SRBC stealth tax. It beggars belief that the people running the council didn’t think that the grey bin waste would increase with this idiotic idea.

Neil Anyon

We normally have two brown bins due to size of our garden, not happy with the increased charge so we’re only going to use one bin now but compact it with loads of garden waste before it’s collected. Either that or dump it on the park, council leave theirs to blow about afterwards anyway.

Dee Burke

I wonder if they will start fixing the roads/potholes with the extra money.

Mark Robinson

Maybe sharing the yearly cost with your neighbour may be an option for some people. Another good suggestion on here from several people is to compost garden waste.

Simon Holmes

We pay council tax for bins. They used to collect bins weekly now fortnightly . We do all recycling and now they want us to pay again to collect bins Not a chance out of principal.

Nicky Smith

Chorley Borough Council charge also. The only garden waste I have is from their trees next to me - when I told them this and said and now not only do you want me to pick up YOUR garden waste you want me to pay for privilege I was told just throw it back over the fence or put it in your normal bin.

Linda Helvin Treadwell