Your Say - Wednesday October 31

Challenge: Entrants running the Preston Guild Half Marathon along Ring Way
Challenge: Entrants running the Preston Guild Half Marathon along Ring Way
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Praise for event’s marathon effort

As a participant in the Preston Guild Half Marathon I would like to congratulate the organisers and all the volunteers who helped make the occasion such a splendid event, despite the adverse weather conditions.

I would also like to thank the members of the public who turned out on such a wet and windy day to support the runners.

Successfully holding such a high profile event in the city goes a long way to raising the profile of Preston nationally. It also, in an age when there is a growing concern about the health and fitness generally, shows Preston to be a forward thinking city.

Whilst it may not be practical to hold a marathon in Preston more than once every Guild, I would hope that the success of the event will lead to more regular half marathons in the city.

Lastly congratulations to everyone who ran in the various races.

Michael Briggs, Whittle-le-Woods

Guild year great for our charities

Guild Year 2012 has, and is, turning out to be an amazing year for the City of Preston and better than ever envisaged.

One of the outcomes seems to be even better giving than ever for various charities, which is very welcome in this austere time in which we live.

Broughton Players have had a month of fund raising events with donations to Leukaemia Research, Sue Ryder and other good causes.Generosity is alive and well at Preston Playhouse.

Long may it continue. Thanks to everyone who concerned.

VT, via email

Filthy dog owners endanger children

Unfortunately I’m writing about the age old topic of dog dirt.

On Saturday, I decided to take my two young boys to Yarrow Valley Park (or Birkacre as we call it).

We went loaded with buckets and spades for them to dig in the children’s sand pit area.

To my shock and disgust, I noticed that not only were my children digging in the sand but also numerous piles of dog dirt! I quickly removed my children from the area and proceeded to leave the park.

On the way out, I informed the female ranger at the visitors’ centre about the mess, who to her credit, went straight away to remove the offending piles.

Whilst very much appreciated, it should not be up to ranger staff, or anybody else, to remove people’s dog mess from the floor.

When are dog owners going to take responsibility for their pets?

Birkacre is a fantastic family facility on our doorstep which is being ruined by irresponsible dog owners.

Sonja Prescott, Chorley

Memories of old schooldays past

Hi, my mother in Preston recently sent me a collection of cuttings from the Post.

One was another of Allan Fazackerley’s photos, described as “shrouded in mystery” (LEP September 22)

The photo is from Emmanuel Infants in the mid 1960s, probably 1965/66.

Headteacher Miss Guy is visible back left. I’m extreme right, third row from the front in the patterned jumper and the only other person I recognise is Denise Hargreaves, second row, second from the right.

Denise’s family had a greengrocers on Ripon Street, I think.

I showed the photo to my 22-year-old daughter, and told her to pick out her brother – within two seconds, she’d pointed to me!

Hope that helps

Peter Seed, via e-mail

Plan to improve airport security

I wonder if the time has come for air travellers to send their luggage on ahead, say the day before departure.

In the intervening period the contents of suitcases, baggage and shoes could be thoroughly checked and already be on-board the appropriate aircraft as passengers go through customs in their bras, knickers and under-crackers carrying only their passport and snorkel.

This would I suggest reduce waiting times as tighter security begins to bite.

Joseph G Dawson, Withnell