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Pride: Opening of the Farington Mill Garden but one reader is unhappy at the state of the area
Pride: Opening of the Farington Mill Garden but one reader is unhappy at the state of the area
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Blight on welcome new treasure

The recent opening of the commemorative garden at the corner of Mill Street and Stanifield Lane, Farington, to mark the 150th anniversary of the Lancashire Cotton Famine is a credit to all concerned in its conception and to its construction.

It has transformed a long 
neglected grotty corner into one of a tribute to the former workforce of the area.

What a pity though that its aesthetic view has been blighted by the siting of a rubbish-animal waste container in a most prominent position.

W Southworth, Farington

Tribute to a loyal North End fan

Donald Hardman was a devoted fan of Preston North End, this was his life for nearly 50 years; he was 60-years-old.

He went to every home match and only missed away matches during his mother illness this was a sacrifice he made until she died.

Don has over the years seen the ups and down of PNE in the lower divisions and when they were nearly relegated out of the football league only to bounce back to the championship and now, alas, back into the Championship.

Don always spoke his mind at matches and gave some harsh criticism when it was due to players and managers alike.

Don liked to go out with his friends around Preston after the matches and exchange football talk about professional and none league he went to reserve matches until they were cancelled this season.

Don was not a great Fan of Graham Wesley, it will always be with me his shout ‘Wesley Out’; alas Don did not live to see if he was proved wrong.

Don will be reunited with both of his friends Wilf Waring who died 2006 and Geoffrey McGahey who died in 2009

Don died on Sunday, October 7 at home The funeral is at 1pm today at Pleasington, Crematorium, Blackburn, the funeral procession will be starting from St Gerard’s Club, Lostock Hall, at 12.15pm.

PNE shirts and scarves to be worn.

Jim Proctor, via e-mail

Richardson needs to take charge

I find the recent articles written by Peter Richardson hugely entertaining. However, I am somewhat concerned by the attitude of the chief female in his life.

Since his retirement, he seems to have been greatly persecuted by being asked to do all manner of things that a retired gentleman should not be expected to do.

Age, should bring a measure of respect, dignity and deference from domestic management.

I would humbly suggest that the next time he is ‘requested’ to do something mildly physical or athletic, that he gently reminds his lady that if he is fit, he doesn’t need exercise and if he is not fit, then he shouldn’t take it. Just as the ladies train us husbands, a time comes when the male has to girdle his loins, take the bit between his teeth and be brave.

He has to train her.

As an old hand at this retirement lark, I thought that the skills that I have taught myself, should be passed on to the younger retirees.

Jim Walker, Preston

Ticket rush for hit BBC radio show

I have just queued unsuccessfully, along with many others, to buy tickets for the BBC’s forthcoming live recording of two ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’ programmes at the Charter Theatre on November 22.

Tickets went on sale at 10am and had sold out at 10.25am.

What a pity there isn’t a larger venue available.

Alan Porter, Longridge

Ideas to open up park and ride site

If I was in charge you could still have the park and ride on Bluebell Way, Fulwood, open and make money (LEP October 13).

In simple terms why not try and opening it up as a car boot sale every so often with great links to the motorway and a hotel over the road it would be a gold mine.

And for the other option why not offer a truck stop for over night travellers? I’m sure you could charge for this I’m sure people will pay good money.

prestonbenny1983, via LEP website