Your Say - Tuesday 13 November

Honour: Duke of Lancaster regiment cadets silhouetted at Preesall Remembrance Sunday
Honour: Duke of Lancaster regiment cadets silhouetted at Preesall Remembrance Sunday
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Public cold on police chief vote

Just a few days to go before voting in the elections for police commissioners and still no information about our candidates and what their policies are.

I keep seeing references to getting the data online but refuse to do so.

If someone wants the best part of £100k a year of my money the least they can do is introduce themselves and tell me what they stand for! How arrogant of them all to just sit there and wait for us all to do the work for them. Such laziness begs the question as to just how much effort they will be putting into the job should they get it! For the first time in my life I will not be voting on Thursday and I think voting should be compulsory. I might go along and simply spoil my paper though, to make a point. Don’t take the electorate for granted and more importantly don’t take them as fools! I did have more to say about these posts but your Peter Richardson put it so much better in his column (LEP November 10) and I know when to leave well alone.

Jeff McCann, Hoghton

Commissioner is waste of money

The whole process of appointing a police and crime commissioner is nothing more than licence to waste yet more Lancashire tax payers’ money. We need more police on the beat, instead were going to get another gold-plated, pen pushing, paper shuffler on a salary of £85,000 plus expenses, of course. I note all four candidates are former/current councillors of one sort or another, talk about jobs for the boys! I see Tim Ashton is standing as a candidate, this person was responsible for implementing the flawed 20mph speed zones across Lancashire at a cost £10m in his former role as a LCC highways councillor, so his record on wasting tax payers’ money speaks for itself. To make matters worse Lancashire County Council has spent a small fortune on revamping their corporate image with new letter headings and new county boundary signs saying ‘Lancashire welcomes careful drivers’.Times may be tough for the tax payers of Lancashire, however, LCC and Cameron’s Clowns can still find money to waste, so much for Cameron’s “we’re all in this together”.

I S Houghton, Much Hoole

Gradwell wrong to snub election

In his column on the police and crime commissioner election Mick Gradwell is oh so right and yet, oh so wrong (letters November 8).

Right for stating police and crime commissioners are unnecessary, unwanted and a financial burden on tax payers. He states that, along with many others, he will not cast a vote. Wrong because, irrespective of his views of the candidates, does he, or anyone else determined not to vote, believe for a moment abstention will change the Coalition’s policy on this? One can only hope a future change of government will abolish PCCs and revert to strengthened and even more democratic police authorities which, it should be remembered, contained independent members as well as elected people. Until then X marks the spot.

Gerard Parke-Hatton, Broughton

Remembrance a credit to everyone

I wish to commend those who organised and all who took part in the Cenotaph service on Sunday.

As usual I found the service moving, humbling, uplifting and inspiring. This annual service represents everything good about society and the humanity of the citizens of Preston. What always strikes me is the large number of people from different sections of the community all joining together with a common purpose to salute, honour and remember those who have given their lives for the future of others. Sadly each year there is a diminishing number of World War Two veterans who fought for the freedom of subsequent generations. It is also an occasion to acknowledge those brave men and women currently serving our country and facing danger most of us have never experienced and to try to understand the distress and fear their families endure.

The mood of the occasion is a mixture of solemnity and the uplift created by the quality of the music played by the Army band who lead the final procession. I urge those who have never experienced this very special occasion to resolve to attend next year.

Malcolm Rae OBE, Fulwood