Your Say - Tuesday 06 November

Days of old:  Knights jousting at Camelot but the attraction has closed for good
Days of old: Knights jousting at Camelot but the attraction has closed for good
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Arrival of zones is speeding along

It would appear that 20mph signs are spreading faster than ash tree disease.

Rather than targeting specific zones and times whole areas are being carpet bombed by them.

Capable and experienced drivers are being penalised as they find them, in many cases, ridiculous, annoying and unnecessary.

Remember, many drivers were once taught their driving skills along these same “high speed” 30mph roads.

This over cautious gently Bentley approach has spread to other areas as well. On purchasing a poppy the other day I was informed they can no longer supply a pin with them. Heaven forbid, someone may actually prick themselves.

Still, it’s alright to send our fine young men and women to war where they risk life, limb and horrible injury.

What will the next suggestion be? No more than three pints of beer on a Saturday night in case you start a riot.

You could go on and on but I mustn’t digress. I have to concentrate on the road ahead – you never know I might get overtaken by a speeding cyclist and would he get three points on his helmet and a fine. I doubt it.

Keep on truckin’.

Michael Knowles, Ingol

Bins are a blight on neighbourhood

In recent weeks walking through the Lovat Road area of Preston, I noticed something missing off the pavements, the ugly black bins and recycling bins.

I noticed the area was cleaner, there was more room to walk on the pavements also you didn’t get knocked out with the smell coming from the bins.

The area looked much nicer but there are still a few awkward people who refuse to take their bins in.

These bins were taped up, keep checking on them, fine them, and take their bins.

Also keep checks on the area. Private landlords should be targeted. The next area to be targeted should be the shops and houses in the New Hall Lane area.

Industrial bins are being left permanently outside properties.

Concerned Prestonian, name and address supplied.

Care needs to be given to reindeers

Whatever the owners say to you, it is most unsuitable to keep reindeer solely in a pen or a barn, even if only for four weeks in December.

They need open space, a small field, freedom and exercise. Reindeer owners’ main aim is to make money, not to concentrate on freedom and exercise when animals are hired out.

Please think, is it right for animals and baby reindeer to travel long distances purely for people’s entertainment?

North West Animal Welfare

Price of football is much too pricey

I am a long way out of touch with the fees of football grounds. Indeed, the last match I attended, I thought that 7/6 was too pricey.

So I was shocked to read in the story of poor Mr Bootle, a disabled driver, who has found the parking fee, yes parking fee, has gone up from £5 to £10 (LEP November 1). I am amazed! The only crumb I can offer to Mr B is that he can park outside my house anytime for free. Now that’s a bonus. The only thing is I live on the other side of town to Deepdale and he’d never see the game. In my eyes, that’s another bonus.

Allan Fazackerley, Penwortham

Economy is to blame for closure

The Camelot closure (LEP November 3)is down to a mixture of many problems. The weather hit everyone and caused many local carnivals and events to be cancelled.

But as stated, the Olympics was stay at home TV and the Jubilee was a huge distraction.

But government policy is also to blame with the mass destruction of jobs, especially in the local area.

Such a shame because this theme park has always been the place to take the kids for a treat for the past 30 years.

Far better than a trip to Blackpool where the punter is ripped off.

Brenda, Leyland