Your Say - Thursday November 01

Clockface: Fishergate Baptist Church, Preston, pictured under a spring rainbow in 2005
Clockface: Fishergate Baptist Church, Preston, pictured under a spring rainbow in 2005
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Save county’s industrial heritage

I refer to the recent article in the regarding the demolition of the McKenzie Arms pub in Bamber Bridge (LEP October 30).

Hopefully, this will be a step forward in maintaining a link with our cotton heritage by saving an iconic reminder of when cotton was king in Lancashire, I refer, of course, to the Wesley Street Mill.

This architectural gem has suffered from years of neglect but, despite Coun Cliff Hughes’ comments it is only an ‘eyesore’ for those with no vision or sense of history, although superficially impaired it is certainly not ‘falling apart’ and is still structurally sound.

I can only hope that, as with many other old mills particularly in the east of the county, the site can attract a developer with the foresight and vision to transform the mill into a useful building and continuing landmark for Lancastrians in general and the people of Bamber Bridge in particular. If you feel as passionate as I and many other local residents about saving the mill, why not add your name to the ‘Save Wesley Street Mill’ campaign that has been set up on Facebook.

As Del Boy might have said, ‘You know it makes sense’.

Derek Rogerson, Bamber Bridge

Peeling back the truth of rare fruit

It was National Apple Day on Sunday October 21 and our horticulture manager, Estelle Bryers, has heard a rumour that some special heritage breeds of apple used to be grown on our site which used to be owned by Myerscough Agricultural College. We suspect it maybe the Salmon Seedling variety, originally grown by Professor Salmon.

We would be very grateful if you could ask the residents of Lancashire if they know anything about this type of apple, maybe they know what we’ve got or maybe they’ve got a Salmon Seedling themselves?!

Any help from the LEP would be greatly appreciated as we think this is very exciting to find an ‘Ashbridge Apple’ for Apple Week!

Grace Carr, director of operations

Ashbridge Independent School

Commissioner is a waste of cash

Little publicity given so far concerning the police and crime commissioner, I very much doubt power to the people.

The whole business is an unnecessary financial cost. Whoever is voted in will then employ an office staff, which will obviously exceed £75,000 as quoted in the newspaper.

Politics should not be involved so why they Tories and Labourites rallying around their chosen nominated person?

The Chief Constable in my humble opinion is the experienced one to serve over our public services.

I will not be voting for the police and crime commissioner at this time of recession we are constantly reminded about.

J Hardcastle MBE, Fulwood, Preston

Not impressed by police candidates

I have waited patiently for you to print the CVs of our prospective candidates for crime commissioner and this week (LEP October 29) you did so.

Having read them a couple of times I can not say that I want to be represented by any of them so I shall stay at home as I am unable to vote for the status quo.

A Wood, via e-mail

Helping the city keep good time

We have looked after the clocks for Preston City Council for upwards of 30 years and, until last year, when the council called us and said the building was to be sold, we re-set the time on the clock at the Fishergate Baptist Church in spring and autumn.

We also look after the clock at the Minster, the cost of which is paid

for by the authorities there.

Checking through some old files following the article (LEP September 26), we found a picture of the removal of the original clock movement from the tower, prior to an electric movement by Gillett and Johnston being installed. This appeared in the LEP at that time. We believe that the old movement, by a maker in Carlisle, was taken to the basement of the Harris Museum for storage, where, presumably, it remains.

D Jones, of R Clayton Public Clocks, Hoghton.