Your Say - Thursday 08 November

Suspect: CCTV footage police believe is fugitive Ivan Leach in Nottingham
Suspect: CCTV footage police believe is fugitive Ivan Leach in Nottingham
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Commissioners are political move

I am seriously concerned with regards to the forthcoming police commissioner’s election and the reasons behind instituting this move.

The excuse that this will give the general public more control over the police is not justified by the facts. Putting one person in control actually diminishes the present system of having a police authority, which is made up from elected county counsellors who are, prior to election, ordinary member of the general public.

The cost imposed by the Government for putting oneself forward for the police and crime commissioner election eliminates over 90 per cent of the general public which, within our supposed democracy, is totally unacceptable.

Also the extra cost to the country in having commissioners is unacceptable in these lean times.

It would appear to me and I can see no other reason, is that the main motivating factor for this move is to turn our independent police force into a political government force rather than a public body. We all remember that happening during the Margaret Thatcher years and the truths that have been made public since with regards to breaking the strikes. If you agree with me and are worried about this election then on voting day do what I am going to do!

Make your feelings and voice heard by going to vote and put a big NO on the voting slip.

A free Red Rose Lancashire Lad

Domestic wind turbines hold key

Ought it not to be obvious that instead of enormous wind generators with all the disadvantages recently reported on these pages, there should be small domestic ones working in conjunction with solar panels? They do exist!

At Preston railway car park there are two wind-driven generators which look quite nice. Every new development should have energy saving glass as well as wind and solar power technology built in.

Buildings with a south-facing aspect or a flat roof, such as an extension, would be most suitable for solar panels, but the cost for the elderly and low income households - an estimated £15,000 - places such a scheme way beyond budget. It would, however, become a good selling point for any property so equipped. Other countries, such as in Scandinavia, use hydro-electric power and there is no valid reason why similar schemes could not be implemented both locally and in so many parts of our country without defacing the countryside- or what is left of it.

V J Carless, Preston

Could Leach be tracked by card

If a petty criminal be tracked by using his credit card surely given the magnitude of this manhunt you would think a central database would be in place to alert the police as soon as his pin number was activated at the ATM machine (LEP November 6). How many more sightings and clues does Ivan Leach have to leave before he is caught and this time locked up in a secure prison were he should have been in the first place.

Ron Hobin, via e-mail

Free fireworks a great night out

Along with thousands of others, we made our annual pilgrimage to Pear Tree Park, in Penwortham, where we were treated to a magnificent fireworks display. This is an free event, although we all make a donation to the mayoral charity, and it begs the question that if Penwortham Town Council can put on such a great show, why can’t Preston Council do the same?

Answers on a postcard...

Sue Tomlinson, Preston

Guns should not be in public hands

Anyone who wants to own a gun should have their head examined (LEP November 6).

In almost all the events where a madman with a gun goes on the rampage (in Dunblane, in Whithaven and surrounding areas in Cumbria to name but two) it turns out the murderer had a passion for shooting rabbits and other animals.

The police should realise that people who apply for gun licences are potential psychos.

Preston lass, via LEP website