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Questions: One reader is dismayed at what happened to Colin Farmer
Questions: One reader is dismayed at what happened to Colin Farmer
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What was taser officer thinking?

Having read the article re the taser victim Mr Farmer and seen details on TV. it begs the question of how informed the police are of the validity of the white stick.

For this incident to happen the day after World Sight Day only adds more irony to this act.

To taser someone from behind and then handcuff the gentleman without first checking what the gentleman was carrying is disgraceful.

I think this highlights the gross incompetence of the police officer and may I suggest the need for a sight test for the said officer.

Mr Farmer has already had two strokes and with the taser incident we could have been possibly dealing with a manslaughter case.

Mr Farmer it seems has bruises from his fall and from the handcuffs.

Why he was handcuffed with the white stick on the ground beggars belief, maybe the officer still thought the stick was a Samurai sword. This gives even more credence for a sight test for the officer.

To help the officer, the white stick was instigated by the World Wide Lions International Charity organisation in the 1930’s and is recognised throughout the world, but not in Chorley apparently.

AW Ratcliffe, Chorley

Computer has opened my eyes

Now I do actually agree with most of what Alan Fazackerly is saying about Facebook and Twitter sites (letters).

I for one had to rely on using the now very old fashioned way of Royal Mail - who themselves have in my own opinion - driven most people away from using their services.

Especially the ‘rip-off’ prices of stamps!

I started using my computer and sending e-mails just eighteen months ago - and it has changed my life - and the way I now communicate. I very rarely send any letters - except of course, to people who may not have an email address.

To be honest, I’d now be ‘lost’ without my home computer. It is so instant - and my only costs are the maintaining and buying the ink! I just didn’t want to know a computer and I was very petrified about using one.

But, with perseverance and determination I have now mastered it. However, I am still learning!

And yes, I am an avid user of Facebook and the Twitter brigade. I do post my poems and my opinions on both of them on a very regular basis.

Yes, some people who go on it really should learn to “spell” - and some people actually do abuse it. Even Twitter, that also has helped me get my opinions across to the audience! I now send all my letters to the Lancashire Evening Post - who are very kind enough to publish most of them...despite the odd complainant!

I am also involved now with mental awareness and helping other people on how to actually write a poem

Darryl Ashton, via email

Government need to think of victims

Isn’t uncovering the truth about the Hillsborough Disaster, and pervert Jimmy Saville, like seeing the darker side of human nature under a microscope?

With 96 Hillsborough deaths and some 200 victims of the late TV presenter coming forward, who can doubt there’s been a great deal of grief, pain and suffering?

Why then is it so alien to the Government, and indeed the nation, to think of that very same grief, pain and suffering applying to road crash victims, especially in respect of totally innocent children and cyclists?

Last year 1,650 children were killed or seriously injured. This year, and it’s clearly not over, the cyclist death toll (October 24) is 98.

Every year some 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured.

Allan Ramsay,


Glad that stolen dog was returned

Regarding Caroline Warrington getting her stolen dog back after it was taken from outside a shop (LEP, October 26), I am reallly glad this lady got her dog back. I won’t leave mine outside shops cause she can slip her harness and I am paranoid she run off.

Pips, via LEP website