Your Say - Monday October 22

White elephant: Bluebell Way car park in Fulwood remains unused but one reader has an idea
White elephant: Bluebell Way car park in Fulwood remains unused but one reader has an idea
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Turn site into a park and reside

The white elephant that is Bluebell Way park and ride remains empty and unused since it was first opened at a cost of thousands, possibly more, to tax payers in Preston.

Why hasn’t anyone come up with an alternative use for this eyesore, such as designating it as an official traveller site for the many travellers who are pursuing planning applications throughout the area?

It provides hard-standings for their caravans and is large enough to accommodate several families.

This way the site would be well used and provide the space required for them, the council would be seen to be doing something constructive and animosity between travellers and residents would be much reduced.

OK, it may be necessary to write off the debt, but surely tax-payers would welcome the use of the area in this way, rather than watch this area deteriorate and decay?

Concerned resident, Longridge

Let community tackle waterways

I recently ran around the Guild Wheel and it was great.

A good surface all the way around apart from where I live on Grange Park (Moor Nook) where it was a foot deep in water and mud.

The council has spent £100,000 on Grange Park field at the top of Pope Lane, putting in footpaths and fencing and not one person I have spoken to can tell me what the fencing is for or about.

The paths leading to the Guild Wheel look like mini canals, they sit three inch below the field they run threw. How clever is that!

We all know the weather we have had has been great, but it isn’t even winter yet.

I would like to meet the men that planned, approved this job and paid for it.

However, they had better leave their shoes in their offices and get their wellies on because there is more path under water than over it.

The reason I am writing this is because there are no muddy or wet paths in Fulwood or Cottam. Let the council give the materials to volunteers of Moor Nook and Ribbleton and we will show them how to put paths in, instead of mini canals.

G Sergeant, via e-mail

Time to oppose turbine proposals

Continuing the discussion on wind turbines, it should be noted that Germany has covered large areas of its beautiful countryside, and is now, realising the wind’s unreliability, having to back these up with carbon producing power stations.

Already there has been a serious failure costing millions of euros when an aluminium smelting plant lost its power when the wind suddenly dropped, causing catastrophic damage before the standby power was engaged. Let us not make a similar mistake. There are two planning applications for wind turbines to be considered by South Ribble Planning Deptment on October 24

(Application ref. 07/2012/0109/FUL and 07/2012/0256/FUL).

All who wish to object should contact South Ribble Planning Department at the Civic Centre, Leyland, as soon as possible.

Little Hoolean.

Log off Facebook and Twitter

I have always considered myself to be a proud Luddite, but Mr Shepherd has eclipsed me (letters October 15).I do have a mobile phone. My daughter convinced me that it was needed in these days of busted phone boxes and her brother left me his old computer, which comes in handy for something different for Ann to dust.

But believe me Bert, you are missing nowt with Twitter and Faceache or whatever they are called.

These two obnoxious electronic torture instruments cause more family grief, back biting and downright drivel than anything I have ever come across in all of my years.

If you have anything to tell somebody, go and tell them rather than leave some petty snidy comment on a screen.

No, Bert, leave them with the kids, they think they are great.

I think they’re awful.

You got a wireless Bert?

Maybe we can compare notes?